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Ramadan 2021 ads are sweeping

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

Ramadan vibes are never fulfilled without making the series schedule and deciding which ones you are going to watch in this month.


However, Ramadan Ads became another media content that has audience reviews and interests. This Ramadan ads are really attractive and produced with professionalism, people never get bored of watching them as they became a competitor for the series.


Ramadan fi Masr haga tania:

A heart warming vibe made by the one and only Hussein ElJasmy in Orange 2021 ad.


Kowetna en mafish haga teadar twaafna:

Vodafone never failed to amaze us by the choice of the ads ideas.

This year they decided to feature Sherihan as an icon of strength, they showed their network strength in her story. 


Howa shams west ramla, Heya bent helwa samra, Hala helwa heya Zahra:

Zahra AlAlmain’s ad featuring Asser Yassin and Myriam Fares singing a beautiful song together in a romantic enviroment.


Balthazar bethazar:

A big group of the Egyptian celebrities participated in the cheerful ad of Zed compounds, they were divided into two groups: Zed Zayed and Zed Tagamoa

Youssra, Sherine Reda, Nelly Karim, Karim AbdelAziz, Dina ElSherbiny, Tara Emad, Salma Abu Deif, Huda ElMufti.

Can you remember which ones were in Zayed and which ones were in tagamoa?



Toul ma olobna Kaweya Elkhatwa trouh lbeed:

Tamer Hosny and Magdy Yakoub never failed to do something amazing, their collaboration in Magdy Yakoub’s ad this year produced a beautiful supportive ad.

Ehna Fresh w Farafeesh:

The beauty of Ruby and Dina ElSherbiny made Fresh ad compete in another level. The ad is fun and colorful.


Akwa w bektir:

The beautiful Nancy Ajram and the talented Amir Karara are the stars of Etisalat ad this Ramadan. They made an environment of strength mixed with love.


Fi nas tesghar kol matekbar:

The angelic voice of Sherine never failed to make us feel the vibe of anything she is singing which suits the idea of this year’s Unionair’s ad.

The ad featured Ahmed Dash and Malak Koura who grow up together becaming Asser Yassin and Amina khalil after a while and finally the beautiful couple Mostafa Fahmy and Esaad Youness.


Fi haga helwa bena, tekbar sena b sena:

The family that never fails to show support to each other was the stars of Monginis’ ad this year.

Ahmed Zaher and his daughters, Malak and Laila, showed an atmosphere of love and support in the ad.

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