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How To Travel Europe On A Budget?

B&W - Oct 2019

Dreaming of a Europe trip? But you don’t have enough money? 
Europe can be unapproachable area of the world for travelers with limited budget; we had to dig deep for genius travel hacks for when you’re totally broke. Get ready to pack your bag!
Here are 10 ultimate ways to travel on a budget according to experts:

1.    Be flexible on travel dates: when you are willing to travel out of season, you will save money; experts approved that the summer months are usually the busiest times in Europe and advised the following time for travel:
Flights will be very expensive during June, July, and August. The cheapest flights to Europe will be in December, January and February, as these winter months are colder and less desirable to tourists. 
2.    Check  for the most affordable options (online)  
Travel Experts usually use this website in particular:
You can select your departure airport, then select "cheapest month", as well as set the destination airport to "anywhere." This allows you to browse which dates and which airports will be the best for your budget.

3.    Stay in hostels: it’s time to try new things in life with new perspective. There is a plenty of good options of good quality hostels. If you have iPhone or android phone download this app for best hostels options in Europe.

It is the most used by backpackers because you can find and book directly the cheapest and best rated accommodation in the country you wish to travel to.

4.    Pay attention to this point; it’s one of the secret hacks travelers experts revealed to us: SEARCH FOR FLIGHTS ONLINE INCOGNITO
When booking your flights online, be sure to use an incognito window.
Websites use cookies to track your previous searches and they'll be able to see what deal they already offered you.
If you go incognito, you'll be able to find the freshest deals.

5.    Make a list of your daily expenses. If you plan to eat out, look up menus for restaurants at your destination. Buy cinema/museum/concert or other tickets in advance, so that you'll know how much you are spending with no surprises
The following 5 points will be during your trip:
6.    Eat like the locals: Stay away from the overpriced, touristy restaurants. If you want a truly delightful experience, eat where the locals eat; you can be sure that the food is fresh, enjoyable and most important affordable.
7.    Always Walk: If your destination is close enough to walk, just walk and keep exploring and saving money. Trust me exploring a foreign city on foot is magical.
8.    More research to do –when you arrive: Always look up on Google "Free things to do in..." to get some ideas on what to do for a limited budget in a foreign country.
9.    Go for free attractions: Many cities in Europe offer discounts at museums after a certain hour or even have many free attractions.
10. If you didn’t feel comfortable at hostel and you are looking for hotels; -never hire a travel agent or tourist office; they charge a fee and generally offer only the highest-priced rooms with no discounts. For the best accommodations values, use a guidebook, shop around, and go direct.

See? It’s not impossible to travel Europe on a budget!
 Just be flexible and open-minded when planning flights. 
You will be surprised at how cheap you can fly into Europe with little creative planning!


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