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Countries With The Most Beautiful Landscapes Exposed

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Here are the six agreed on countries with unbelievable scenery, those that are full of captivating constructions and sensational natural landscapes. If these countries aren’t already on your bucket list then you definitely need to rearrange your travelling plans and ensure that they are the first places to step into. 



A country known for it’s beautiful beaches and wonderful open spaces, it’s national parks and vast landscapes. It’s one of those places you can’t get enough of, particularly if you enjoy some quietness and a sense of freedom. Some of the most famous landmarks include the Great Barrier Reef, Mornington Peninsula National Park, Eureka Tower, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  


The country of wonders and treasures, there is nothing like the Greek islands and the intricate architecture found on this land. Wherever you go in Greece, you’ll find a breath-taking view and if you aren’t looking to relax besides the stunning beaches then consider going on adventures. Some of the most popular cities in Greece are Athens,Thessaloniki, Patras and Mykonos. 


Of course, nothing beats the Italian cuisine and the cheerful Italian people, but that’s not the only reason that makes it one of the most special countries in the world. Italy is filled with charming towns that tell stories such as Venice and Rome, not to forget it’s Fashion district Milan. So if you’re looking for the most authentic pizza, pasta, gelato, views, art and heritage then Italy is the one! 


Ranked as one of the top iconic countries, Scotland is famous for it’s wild beaches and rock-bound castles. The country is simply beautiful and has some unique sights that cannot be skipped, particularly found in the capital, Edinburgh and Glasgow town. 

South Africa 

Aside from it’s incredible safari opportunities, South Africa holds over 21 national parks and phenomenal wildlife. Visiting this region guarantees a once in a lifetime experience and  an unforgettable journey. Indeed, it is the perfect destination for hiking, wild adventures and rewinding by superb beaches. 

New Zealand 

The farthest island on the map and the region with the most gorgeous green hills, mountain peaks, plants and animals. A heavenly place with valuable attributes of nature. The relaxing and refreshing atmosphere is like no other, along with the amazing weather and scenery that makes it one of the greatest places on planet earth.

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