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Loneliness Fills The Air; Animals And Keepers Keep Company During Covid-19 Outbreak

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

All animals that belong in the Zoo, including lions, hippos, elephants and chimpanzees have been granted some personal space and quietness as their home remains closed amid Covid-19 outbreak. This closure since March 18 has been carried out to ensure that the public stays away and avoids gatherings within the Zoo area, for the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others. Since then, the Zoo has been sanitised and disinfected regularly to prevent the animals from any harmful diseases.  

The Zoo keepers have remained on board to take care of and feed the dependent animals, taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves in the process. Their presence is important of course, as it keeps the lonely animals company with small gestures of friendship, cleaning hands, as well as the providence of food and toys. In addition, Egypt's Central Administration for Zoos established a program to help overcome animal depression, provide good nutrition and medical care. 

Although animals cannot speak, they do feel everything and they require love, care, attention and play just like humans, it makes them feel worthy. Undoubtedly, they notice the difference between then and now, given the lack of some aspects which they usually receive from their guests and not only from their keepers. The Giza Zoo is one of the most famous destinations for families, the few animals that belong there are just enough for those who like to visit. When there are many visitors in the Zoo, happiness spreads everywhere and the animals are much cheerful. 

But lately these poor animals have been looking sad and confused even though their carers are doing their best to put them in a good mood. At least we have an awareness and understanding of what’s going on around the world and why we cannot visit the Zoo and play with those fluffy creations. But all they know is that they are caged and left alone for some time, unable to question anything or go in search for their people. Hopefully, people will be able to access the Zoo soon again to reunite with those loveable creatures.

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