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A Vintage Album; An Egyptian Summertime Like No Other

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Have you ever had a chance to look through your grandparents/parents dusty albums filled with endless summertime memories? Notice the natural beauty, outspoken laughter, sense of freedom, infinite togetherness, sunlit coasts and pure waters that leave you nostalgic. 


Truth is, their times were ones our generation would’ve loved to experience, moments of happiness that cannot be found today and simplicity that hardly exists anymore. Or let’s say perhaps the meaning of happiness had changed overtime from being found in the most basic things in life to being a more complex idea that many people struggle to understand and attain.


An Egyptian summer in the 1900’s was much like what we fantasise about today, in fact all that really mattered was being with family and friends besides the world’s most beautiful beaches and enjoying the sunshine. Life was less complicated and more modest than what it is now, the golden age consisted of good times and peaceful individuals who caught the greatest time period ever. 


Scroll down to view some summertime vintage snapshots in Egypt back in the 1900’s.

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