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Egyptian Pound Are Just About To Turn Plastic

Rana Ragab - May 2020

With so much activity and exchange happening with paper money, it's highly prone to wear out and no one wants to take ripped or tapped notes. The International Monetary Fund explains that the increase in worn out paper money actually results in major costs and negatively impacts the environment and greenhouse gases.

Therefore, the best solution is to switch to plastic currency, which will last longer with overuse and under any circumstances. Although the country has had issues with plastic production and has been working towards a ban in the Red Sea and Sinai, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) acknowledges that it’s a lot more convenient and efficient.


Previously, many countries around the world have made restrictions regarding the use of plastic material. Intentionally, wanting to go green and save the planet from such harmful resources. However, plastic money has been widely agreed on, given that it’s much more durable, light weight, environmentally friendly and impossible to forge.


It’s about time that we make some smart changes and get moving with the rest of the world, finding proper ways to protect our planet and equally save unneeded energy and costs of replacement. Plastic money looks better, feels stronger, cannot be replicated and is definitely the right option for such busy country.


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