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The Most Amusing Islamic Tourist Sites In Egypt

Rana Ragab - May 2020

With so many beautiful places to visit in Egypt, there are Islamic landmarks that cannot be skipped. In the past, the country has experienced Islamic transformation, while the rest of the world was facing a crisis in the middle ages. This was a time when Egyptians established somr beautiful constructions and Islamic art that reflected dynasties. 


Cairo’s treasures are truly inspiring for those who step on the land and sight see what has been marked as part of Egypt's history, establishments that will live on. Being one important part of the Arab world, Egypt is full of stories hidden behind these precious places that have a unique style of decoration like golden Quran Calligraphy and other valuable details. 


El-Moez Street 

A street that has real vintage beauty and a special spirit, much of it revolves around Medieval architecture, old mosques and  treasures found in open-air museums. A walk in this street is a completely different experience, being surrounded by decorative lights, great buildings and bazaars that sell magnificent Egyptian made products. 


Khan El-Khalili 

A sense of Nostalgia and a glimpse at how things were back in the days can be found in Khan El-Khalili. There is nothing like the breathtaking antiques, fabrics and carpets, perfumes and special spices found in the Khan El-Khalili market. Located beside Al-Azhar mosque, it combines some exceptional cafes and restaurants that give you a sense of the golden age.


Salah El Din Citadel

Centred in the hills of Mokkatam, it is one of the most famous tourist sites in Cairo. The building itself has a very old story behind it that is explored by those who visit. There have been several changes made to the Citadel overtime that slightly changed it’s original appearance.


Al-Azhar Mosque 

Mainly Al-Azhar Mosque was established for worship and Islamic research studies, it’s role was ultimately to spread awareness to the wider community and educate them about valid Islamic beliefs. The Mosque itself has been there for a very long period of time, rebuilt and redesigned many times but still maintaining it’s architectural style and peaceful atmosphere.


Mohammed Ali Mosque

Considered one of the most remarkable constructions in the city that never sleeps, it is made of rich components that reflect true elegance. Mohammed Ali mosque is located in Cairo Citadel and is originally inspired by Sultan Ahmad mosque in Istanbul, it’s a place of worship and where Mohammed Ali himself rests in peace


Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque 

One of the very first buildings in Egypt and the first mosque to take place in Africa. Although we barely know how it looked like in the beginning, today the mosque is extremely modest, open for worship and is one of the top tourist attractions in Cairo. 

Sultan Hassan Mosque

A very unique style of decoration that is much like a school design, the mosque is well-organised, elegant and systematic. People have talked about it’s expensive construction and how it took some of the lands treasures to create such fascinating building.  


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