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Streets Of Cairo: Historical And Full Of Life

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Undeniably, Cairo is a unique city that has a spirit that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s people are distinctive and every detail about it is precious. This city is filled with old streets that tell endless stories and have a beautiful history, those that never sleep and welcome everyone for a one of a kind experience. However, some streets are more popular than others, the ones that are most alive, overly interesting and almost every resident is familiar with. 


El Moez Street

You can’t visit Cairo or be one of it’s people without knowing about this street. One that is full of architectural and Islamic treasures that have been there for decades. El Moez is known for it’s magnificent lights, antiques and souvenirs that are made available for all tourists and locals. The amusing buildings, the cafes, the vintage style, the stalls and the gatherings make it a truly wonderful place to be. Nothing beats Ramadan nights in El Moez street with a range of cultural activities, Ramadan kheima, Sohour and night shopping.


Talaat Harb Street

One of the busiest streets in Cairo filled with fascinating buildings and old art work, it used to be a meeting point for social activities back then. The street is names after Talaat basha Harb who has an endless story in the history of Egypt, his statue is located in the centre of Talaat Harb square downtown, Cairo. A night walk in this street is irreplaceable, surrounded by lots of attractions and some blissful air.


Qasr El Nil Street 

An active street and a main shopping district that extends from Nile Hilton Hotel to Midan Opera. As you walk through Qasr El Nil, you’ll recognise window displayed goods, old lamp posts and beautiful palm trees. It runs from Abdeen square and reaches Gezira Island, this street is perfect for a morning or night stroll and you can capture a breathtaking view from Qasr El Nil bridge. 

Mohamed Mazhar Street

Located in one of the most elite neighbourhoods, Zamalek. Within Mohamed Mazhar street there are several embassies and the Great Cairo Public Library which was previously Princess Samiha Palace. A walk in Zamalek guarantees fresh air and a peaceful mind, Mohamed Mazhar is one of Zamalek’s highlights and you’ll freedom right there.


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