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Who Said You Can’t Explore The World From Home?

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Have you ever thought about exploring different cultures, traditions, customs, places and languages without having to leave your home? With so many places to visit and things to do, unfortunately there isn’t enough time or money to fulfil an entire list of countries. 


However, our contemporary world which heavily depends on the internet makes it possible to virtually discover things outside your own bubble. You can still meet new people, learn new languages, see the world’s most famous landmarks and try different cultural food all within the online environment. 


It may sound unrealistic, crazy or difficult but why would you want to miss out on a personal tour around the world from your comfortable couch or bed? It’s completely free and effortless! In fact you might end up more knowledgable as you gather information from your online travel experience. Given that you’re likely to be more focused with limited distractions compared to actually being there. 


Here are some tips and ideas to help you start your adventure all around the world, without leaving your comfort zone. 


1. Start off by following some adventurous bloggers, check out their awesome pictures and videos. You can always get a sense of how it feels through visual imagery, you can even attempt to ask them a question about their experience. 

2. Watch some movies like ‘Into the Wild’ or ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where you can join the character’s journey as they take you through different towns and situations. Sometimes films are so powerful to the point where it feels so real, just consume the travel experience within.

3. Purchase some books that speak adventurous words, using your imagination could be just enough to picture yourself in every country you wish to visit. You could even use these books and stories as future guides for when you actually get to physically travel. 

4. Do some research about your favourite cities, check out different cultures, traditions and customs. Expand on your knowledge, it only makes you wiser to know facts about the outer world. Part of your research could involve gathering some interesting pictures and putting them into a travel portfolio which you can revisit later. 

5. Find some language applications or online courses and sign up to them. Regardless of which language you’d like to learn, you can dedicate some time to teach yourself and communicate with other teachers and learners out there. Motivate yourself that learning this language will lead to a greater experience when you actually visit the country and speak it.

6. Check out different cuisines and get recipes for a range of cultural dishes. Not only will you get a taste of every country but you will also enhance your cooking skills and learn how to cook internationally. There is lots to explore online, you could even jump on Youtube to learn how to make a certain dish through visualisation.

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