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Why They Call The Netherlands “The Land Of Flowers”

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Holland is a beautiful country know for it’s windmills, cheese and their traditional costume. But those who have been to the Netherlands before would probably know that it’s filled with pretty colourful flowers, particularly tulips wherever you go. As for those who haven’t been there yet, make sure it’s on your bucket list, particularly if you admire florals. There is a strong belief that flowers symbolise love and harmony, and it’s true. 


Flowers come in plenty of types, colours and shapes that add to the beauty of nature and are very meaningful when communicating emotions. In the Netherlands, it is an important aspect of the Dutch economy, they are the world’s leaders when it comes to growing and sustaining flowers and plants. 


Furthermore, the Dutch flower auction is the largest across the globe, with many flowers imported mostly from Africa and Israel. When comparing this nation to the European Union, there is no comparison when it comes to the Dutch expertise in nurturing flowers. 

Another reason why Holland is so famous for tulips and grows plenty of them is because they grow in temperature climate like that in the Netherlands, mostly in spring and early summer weather. A wide variety of flowers of different types, shapes and colours grow on their land. However, Tulips are the most common, they can be found in almost any garden and often sold in shops all across the Netherlands. 

Tourists are always mind blown by the beauty of the country covered in flowers, and there are specific spots that can be visited to discover more of that beauty. Places such as The Flower Bulb Region, Westland, Flower Market Amsterdam and Royal FloraHolland where flowers bloom the most in endless fields and the air is filled with a romantic scent.

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