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Five Famous Cities That Turned Into Ghost Towns Due To Coronavirus

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

Unfortunately, coronavirus pandemic has disturbed the entire world, forcing changes and decisions to take place. Some of the busiest cities, known to be tourist places and holiday destinations have become very quiet and empty. 


Everyone across the globe is being warned on daily basis as cases continue to rise, people are made to quarantine and isolate. Businesses and leisure practices are becoming suspended, hoping that things will get better if the spread gets under control. 


While, flights and travel have been banned, some of the most popular cities are experiencing very unusual changes and have typically become ghost towns. 


1. Shanghai, China 

Known to be China’s biggest city, this place has been impacted drastically alongside the entire country where the coronavirus was first discovered. Shanghai has become a dreadful town with residents trying so hard to hold onto their inborn hope and contentment.


With a population of 26 million, it has become a haunted place with frightened members in protective masks, empty streets and gloomy houses. China is slowly overcoming the virus and we hope that Shanghai stands up better than ever before. 



2. Venice, Italy

Italians are famous for being cheerful, speaking a romantic language and welcoming all people into their homeland. Sadly, this has all been affected as covid-19 hit their country the hardest. Italians are now the most fearful as they continue to lose their loved ones each and every day.  


People are trapped in their homes, trying to find the slightest form of hope by singing and dancing out loud in tears as they stand to watch their country suffer from their balconies. Venice, once a town filled with happiness, love and riverboats that beautified the overall scenery, has now become completely silent. 



3. Las Vegas, United States

The city that never sleeps, with it’s spectacular night life and urban attraction has also become a dark place to be, particularly after all casinos and restaurants were recently shut down. As lights become dimmed and streets emptied, Las Vegas turns into a depressing ghost town. 


It must be very difficult for residents to go on with a quiet lifestyle that’s not theirs, they’re used to the urban world and the freedom it gives them. However, the coronavirus is forcing them to take a break just like the rest of the world. 



4. Paris, France

Famous for it’s Eiffel tower, which is now officially closed for an indefinite period of time, Paris is no longer the same busy and happy place. People are living in great fear, pedestrians are no where to be found and only a few vehicles on the roads with passengers hiding from covid-19 behind face masks. 



5. London, United Kingdom

Another popular location on earth’s map that has become completely deserted is London. Everything has closed down, from offices to restaurants, turning such busy city with energetic residents, totally into a ghost town. Rarely any cars are seen on the roads and barely anyone leaves their house, as the fear of covid-19 spreads faster than the disease itself.  



It’s truly disappointing, but governments have taken lockdown decisions to save as many lives possible. As hard as it may be, it’s time to fight the spreading virus and keep our homes safe. Hopefully these cities will be able to rise again and open their doors soon to all tourists and travellers across the globe.  

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