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Covid-19 Forces A Change in Aviation Business Practices

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

The impacts of the global epidemic virus are too many to name but one of the major ones is the threat it has done to the aviation industry. Including disturbances in aircraft movement, problems due to social distancing with people all over the globe unable to return back to their home countries, business and particularly travel agencies have been greatly impacted and many airports halted.


It all started with serious health inspections and restrictions across China and other Asian regions where the virus had spread significantly. One at a time, airports began to collapse which means massive destruction, given that this industry specifically operates on tight profit margins and relies heavily on regular flight movement and active passengers.



As the fear reached other destinations and the spread from the entry of foreigners and tourists increased, all countries were eventually left with the spreading disease and forced to take action. Thus, in order to control and limit the number of cases as much as possible, governments began to make strict decisions regarding airport travel, nonetheless the damage that will be caused.

The changes that have been made have resulted in high costs required to cover safety measures and refund tickets, and above all there is currently a huge downfall in aircraft operations and businesses that rely on air travel. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has estimated a loss of at least $130 billion industry wide as a result of the coronavirus worldwide outbreak.


If you visit any airport today, it’s a totally empty and dark place to be. Travellers have postponed or cancelled their tickets as an obligation or out of fear, and airlines are doing their best to maintain customer care by changing their cancelation policies.


For those who work in the industry, they have risked their lives standing in the middle of all those who come and go from affected countries over the globe and it’s disappointing for everyone to know that they will need to say goodbye to air travel for the time being. Not to mention, the number of families who are worried about their missing members in other parts of the world, unsure when they will be able to reunite again.


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