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Discover the Distinctive Nubian Style

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

The people of Aswan have their own distinctive style of clothing that differs from the Western style that we often see in Cairo. There is a specific kind of admiration towards the Nubian style, many tourists who visit Egypt will spend lots of money buying such fancy looking items.

The Nubian style represents the traditional culture and spirit of the land, the unique patterns and colours stand for peace and freedom. These handmade decorations are found on many aspects located in the village, including pots, instruments, scarves and even walls because it plays an important part in their nature and identity.



The garments that Nubians wear often have wide sleeves and collarless necks, perhaps it’s more suitable for the hot and humid weather that they have to deal with in the desert. Woman of Aswan wear wide abayas and dresses, with pretty shapes and lines woven into the colourful fabric. Whereas, men mostly wear plain, white galabeyas with a scarf wrapped around their neck and a turban over their head to protect them from the sun.



Most of them are talented artists and a majority of the women are henna tattoo professionals, it is very common to see locals drawing on each other or on visitors in their village. Nubian women are often found in tourist places and bazaars all over Egypt using their creative talent to make a living.


Nubian women value their jewellery, they often wear gold wherever they go as it gives them security and status. Their jewellery also looks interesting, mostly consisting of flat and round golden disks that make up necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings much like the Ancient Egyptian style.


The patterns and colours they use are very attractive and much similar to Mandela art, and the dresses are pretty looking and comfortable to wear. While, the jewellery is rich in it’s own way and acts as an essential part of a complete traditional outfit. Those who visit Aswan or places like Dahab will often wear clothing items that suits the calming atmosphere and brings a sense of freedom inspired by the Nubians.


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