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THRILLING Things to Do When You Are 30

B&W - Oct 2019

They always tell you that your twenties are the best years of your life but nobody will ever tell you this, "turning 30 is the best thing you'll ever experience!" 

Here is a list of things to do to enjoy your 30th!

Take a solo trip and Travel around Europe!
Go to a new place you have never been before and get to experience a sunset somewhere new.
It’s time to know how to plan and set a budget for such trip, checkout a travel agency that offers cheap flights!

 Learn a new language or explore new hobby!
Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn to do? (For career purposes or just as a hobby)  

Do it now! It’s never too late to start and discover new talent that you have.
Also, get rid of a bad habit for good!
- Poor sleep cycle 
- Smoking 
- Procrastinating
Perhaps hit the gym! Shed some kilos now, it will boost your confidence and help you to look younger in the days ahead. .
Learn to cook! Get to explore your cooking skills, enough of instant noodles and junk food! Think about learning to cook a traditional dish, it’s always fun to try cooking cultural food! Google the recipes and have some fun.

Plan to Go to India! Why? (Keep scrolling down)

Incredibly cheap
Interesting culture
Spiritual life
Delicious food

Isn’t the food alone enough to want to travel to India?
India is a place that everyone should visit once in their lives for a change away from the usual comfort zone and to get a different perception on life. You will get to explore more about yourself there. Just like, Julia Roberts did in Eat, Pray, Love movie!

Overcome a Fear
Step out of your comfort zone, and try doing something that scares you! You will feel empowered! 
Hints (If you need one!)
Go Hiking / Learn to Scuba Dive/ bungee jumping / skydiving or even accept a job that will let you travel abroad! 

Attend a concert for your favorite band!

Buy the tickets and go see live music you love! It’s those little things we do with love that keeps us feeling alive!

Make a list of books to read!

We all need mental stimulation and stress reduction! Keep reading! Knowledge is power!

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