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Five Gift ideas that will wow your Mother!

B&W - Jul 2019

In a few short weeks we will be faced with every years’ dilemma; picking the perfect gift for our mothers. On March 21st, we’ll be celebrating another year filled with witty remarks, extreme protectiveness, obsessive care and unconditional love with our wonderful mothers. Each mother is unique in her own way and has her own interests, and sometimes getting that perfect gift can be a burden. Well, buckle up, we’re here to give you a complete guide on getting that perfect something that will wow your mother and leave her speechless based on her personality, so scroll down and get ready to be inspired!


For the ones who enjoy gadgets (and Technology, I’m looking at you, New-age moms!)

If your mom is a bit of a workaholic or just a plain technology-whiz, (Always on her iPad, Laptop or her phone), then she’ll enjoy a stylish laptop bag or a colorful iPad/iPhone case. Pair these up with awesome new headphones (Or Air-pods, if you want to add a fancy twist). If your mom is into new-age or bohemian items, you can check out some fabulous laptop bag deals from online shops like Palma and Yawza!. These laptop bags come with extra padding that will protect your mom’s precious gadgets. A digital photo key ring will also make a great gift ideas and allow her to carry upto 56 photos wherever she goes.

                                      http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/IMG_3076_1.jpg          http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/digital-foci-pao-150-1_1.jpg

For those Bubbly Artistic Ones 

As a child, if your mom would often take you to Art galleries, museums and Art exhibitions? Have you noticed that crazy look in her eyes when she’s near a stationary house and her look intensifies when she’s inside and you have to physically stop her from buying art supplies worth EGP2000+ lest your father finds out and go nuts? Is your home filled with art books and posters? Basically, your mother is into art and isn’t afraid to show (and spends tons of money on) it!
If she puts her own spin on the Art herself then you can surprise her with a completely new stationary or paint-brush set from any popular stationary store. You can also surprise her even more by placing her drawings or photographs on photo canvas prints. If your mom is more of a photographer, why not buy her a new tripod to hold your camera for moving photos or a new camera shoulder handbag with protective padding to protect her precious camera?

With an Artistic mom, the wilder the gift, the greater the enjoyment!


                                                   http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/120313_1.jpg  http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/HTB1M2gGJVXXXXbkXVXXq6xXFXXXK_1.jpg


For those girly-girl fashionable moms

If your mum spends nearly as much time in front of the mirror as her teenage daughter then it’s clear to say that she has a great interest in girly things like make-up, accessories and clothes. 

If that’s the case, then the easiest way to celebrate with her Mother’s Day is to go shopping for a cute little handbag, clutch or clothes! You can also be creative and take her for a relaxing day at the Spa. If you decide to be a bit bold, then check out some fabulous creams and lotions and get her a complete set of those products! You can catch some fabulous deals at Stores like Bath & Body works or The Body Shop/. You can also pair those up with a fashionable makeup bag or some new makeup products and brushes. Fashion obsessed moms are the easiest to shop for, if you know exactly what they need!

                                                              http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/c60c04a7fb097181a2f6e50e3b72d2b2--prada-bag-pink-prada-purse_1.jpg        http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/item_XL_29990419_89725074_1.jpg


For those exercise-obsessed moms

If your mother happens to be a super active person who never seems to stop moving and who always gives you an earful because of your unhealthy eating habits, you’ve got yourself an active and healthy mom. With those moms, anything that will keep them moving is bound to make them happy. Signing them up for a new subscription at the gym for instance, will make them very satisfied. You can also surprise them with those new trainers they’ve been eyeing at the sport-store, or a brand-new pair of yoga pants. Anything that will keep them moving and exercising will make them overjoyed!

       http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/Fashion-2016-Spring-Casual-Shoes-Lace-Up-Women-Trainers-shoes-Platform-Comfort-Air-walking-Shoes_1.jpg              http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/5705c37d7fadbd3b4e6a6a5e8d89436e.jpg


For Those kitchen-loving moms:

Growing up around Egyptian moms who know exactly what to do in the kitchen, made us hyper-aware of the quality of cooking. And since Egyptian moms are experts when it comes to cooking, your gifts can never go wrong if you have a kitchen-loving mom. If cooking and baking are your mom’s biggest interest, you’re probably not complaining, If your mum loves to spend time in the kitchen on her own or with the rest of the family, it’s a great idea to get her kitchen gifts. You could buy her a brand new, cute personalized apron! Adding a photo of you and your family on the pockets. If. you’re feeling unthrifty, maybe gift her a new electric mixer or a kitchen machine. We can guarantee that it will make her day (and yours, once she whips out something delicious using them!)

     http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/61y6NZ0KhbL_1.jpg            http://blackandwhite-mag.com/admin/files/item_XL_5711961_2862267_1.jpg

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon, it would be that our mothers are the light of our lives. Let’s make this Mother’s Day a very special one for them. They always take extra measures to give us everything we want so let’s go the extra mile and show them the love and appreciation they deserve on their special day…


Written By: Salma Eissa

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