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7 Calming Herbal Drinks To Help Manage Anxiety

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Anxiety can become so overwhelming at times, particularly when it’s chronic and severe. It’s an awful thing that can affect our ability to focus, make us feel tired and disturb our daily life activities. 


Therefore, it’s important to seek natural ways that can help regulate the body’s systems and promote a better state of mental and physical health. Although our body has it’s own antioxidant to help fight off free radicals resulting from distress, it still needs some support from other sources. 


For many years, people have undergone herbal therapy and used natural elements to cure diseases, pain and discomfort. There comes the glory of plants, each with it’s own job to do and it’s own calming effect. 


Hence, learning about herbal teas and their many benefits can actually save one’s life on the long run, by keeping the immunity stronger and managing overall health state. 

Ginger tea

-Relaxes the stomach 

-Prevents heartburn 

-Boosts immunity 


Mint tea

-Improves digestion

-Fights infections 

-Helps treat gastrointestinal issues


Jasmine tea

-Aids weight loss

-Manages cholesterol levels

-Reduces inflammation 

-Increases metabolism 


Hibiscus tea

-Reduces blood pressure

-Fights cancer

-Calms the nervous system 


Anis tea

-Prevents stomach ulcers

-Balances blood sugar

-Reduces inflammation 

-Full of nutrients 


Chamomile tea 

-Reduces stress

-Boosts immunity

-Fights bacteria

-Calms the digestive system


Eucalyptus tea

-Soothes stiffness 

-Boosts energy

-Fights respiratory infections

-Improves blood circulation


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