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Creative Ways To Relieve Stress

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Each one of us has a creative side or perhaps some unknown talent that hasn’t been discovered yet. So if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a result of whatever it may be, allow yourself the chance to reveal your creative skills. Build your own space, prepare the tools you need and just flow with it. 


Approaching creative activities and stimulating your mind to think and act creatively is one of the best and proven ways to reduce anxiety. There are plenty artistic things to do, you might even already have your own way of relaxing. But here are the top creative ways to relieve stress and once you feel peaceful, you’re likely to end up spending hours in getting away with these activities. 


Practice Drawing -

You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to create a drawing, anybody can draw something. Do it as a way of reducing stress regardless of the outcome, and with practice you’ll become a expert. The act of drawing is a healthy distraction away from life stressors, it gives you a break from day-to-day activities. 

Colouring Mandela -

According to previous studies, colouring helps eliminate negative thoughts and promotes relaxation. Particularly, Mandelas which are created for the purpose of managing anxiety as a form of art therapy. There are awesome Mandela colouring books in the market and you can also print some online. 

Painting a canvas -

Known to be one of the best ways to foster creative growth, it’s an activity that brings optimistic thoughts and enables emotional expression. Gather some paint brushes, a colour palette and a canvas and give yourself the freedom of painting.

Reading a book -

To hold a book means to invite yourself on an adventure, learn new knowledge that can assist you in dealing with life and use your imagination to picture the story. For all these reasons, books are a great distraction from overthinking and stressing. Also, there are some psychological books that can help you deal with anxiety and depression, bringing positivity into your life.  

Making accessories -

Arts and Craft have been around for decades practised by leading artists, designers and children in schools. Collecting some string, beads and charms to make your own accessories can really work as a positive distraction, you’ll be able to create a lot of different items and also keep your mind free from negative thoughts. You might even work out a personal business out of your handmade jewellery, which will also be something to cheer you up. 

Playing a musical instrument -

We all know that music is powerful as it works for many people in a way that reinforces their negative feelings or eliminates them. However, physically playing music is enjoyable and can actually refocus bad energy. Whether you choose to play the guitar, piano or violin, it’s totally up to you. Take it as an opportunity to learn a new skill if you don’t know how to play music and if you do, you could enhance yourself or use it as a stress reliever. 


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