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Reasons Why You Might Be A Coffeeholic

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Are you one of those people who can’t kick start your day without a coffee hug? Are you the type of person who would look at a drinks menu for 15 minutes and then choose coffee in the end? Do you randomly go for walk, smell coffee then without thinking you stop to buy one? Would you be willing to spend the last amount of money in your pocket on some coffee? If that’s what you do, then rest assured you’re coffee addicted, coffee obsessed and simply a coffeeholic!

A coffeeholic is someone who admires the aromatic smell, the warm sensation of holding a coffee mug, the froth and cacao dusted on top, the sweet-bitter taste, the boost of energy, every detail and just everything about COFFEE. Those who strongly appreciate it would know all about this, but have you actually thought about reasons behind why you have become so addicted to it? 

Missing coffee can be painful - As a coffeeholic, if you don’t start your day with a cup of coffee, you’re likely to end up with a headache known as ‘coffee headache.’ Yes it’s a thing and you feel it because caffeine affects blood flow. 

Coffee intake influences concentration - It’s unlikely that your thought processes will become activated without some caffeine if you’re coffee dependent. The reason being that caffeine increases adrenaline, which keeps us awake, focused and functioning.

Coffee is a mood changer - You might find yourself reaching out for coffee when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. However, your stress levels drop temporarily and then caffeine induces more stress in your body. 

You can’t imagine life without coffee - You may have heard people tell you to cut it down or doctors telling you to avoid it for health concerns, perhaps you’ve tried but you couldn’t go without it. The best thing to do in this case is to slowly withdraw from unhealthy coffee consumption, cutting it off bit by bit. 

After all, coffee isn’t something that will cause you major harm as long as it’s consumed appropriately. In fact it has quite a few benefits but just like anything, too much of it can result in negative side effects. High levels of caffeine found in coffee beans can disturb sleeping patterns, increase heart palpations and trigger nervousness. 

You'd probably know you’re addicted because when you miss your coffee, you’re likely to feel stressed out and unfocused. On the other hand, when you consume it, you’re likely to feel happier and energised. But in saying that, the positive effect only lasts for a short time before you call in for another round. 


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