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Find Out How Flowers Reflect Personality

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Florals are one of many meaningful aspects of nature, they express messages and trigger emotions. They’re drawn on paper by children, exchanged between love birds and wrapped with messages on all sorts of occasions.

Everyone has their favourite type flower, some like them all and some don’t like them at all. Each flower represents a different personality based on it's unique traits, those flowers that we have things in common with and those that we’re attracted to. Learn more about your favourite flower, what it really means and what it says about you.



They come in various colours, each colour with it’s own meaning. Red symbolises romance and desire, pink expresses gentleness and beauty, white resembles innocence and purity. While, yellow communicate joy and friendship, blue signify modesty and calamity.  Roses say that you’re romantic, stylish and sensitive. 


A daisy is a symbol of purity, innocence, hope and optimism. Given it’s serene qualities, a daisy says that you have a positive spirit and can see the good in every situation. It suggests that you enjoy your personal space, some quietness and like to embrace nature.  


A bright, cheerful and adorable flower which provides us with the essential sunflower oil. Sunflowers reflect a friendly, outgoing and creative character, someone who is confident and loveable. The petals are as bright as the sunshine, it’s a detailed and distinctive flower that stands out amongst many other types.


One of the refined beauty icons when it comes to flowers, it stands for passion, modesty and purity. The colour range includes white, yellow and orange with their individual meanings. A lily suggests that your a hard worker,  full of magnificent ideas and proud of your own achievements. 


Another type of flower that varies in meaning depending on it’s colour. Tulips suggest that you’re a perfectionist, loving and popular person. More specifically, purple represent royalty, white means forgiveness, yellow express joy and appreciation, while red of course stands for romance and loyalty. This type of flower grows rapidly in certain countries like Holland and Hungary.

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