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10 Books That Will Truly Enlighten You

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

We may come across many discoveries throughout life, of course mostly from our own experiences but also from the lessons we gain through other people’s experiences and stories. However, nothing beats the power of books, the mysteries within those piles of papers, and their ability to transform your life significantly. 


You may look at a book and judge it by it’s cover and we’ve been told many times not to do that. Yes, you might not be much of a reader but we cannot deny that books do have their unique value! Although, you may prefer to watch the movie, it’s a completely different experience to actually hold the book in your hands and to feel and smell the pages as you turn them over. 


So give yourself a chance to digest the words written in a book, they may be the only words you need to hear. You won’t regret getting into the habit of reading, ask those who admire it, they know that it leaves a wise and long-lasting impact. This article highlights the top 10 books that will truly enhance the journey of your life, they will change your thoughts, feelings and actions to the better.  


The Secret 

So many of us live without knowing the secret to life until we come across this wonderful mystery. A book written by Rhonda Byrne (2006) explains how anything we want can be accomplished just by becoming familiar with the key of life, that is the law of attraction. 

Eat Pray Love 

Based on a true story of a woman on a quest for everything that brings pleasure while visiting Italy, India and Indonesia. It reveals how gratification and spiritual devotion can be attained even after life comes crashing down.  

Why We Sleep

A scientific insight into sleep and dreams, written by a neuroscientist who answers every question we’ve ever wondered about. There are so many interesting reasons as to why we sleep, in fact we wouldn’t want to be awake forever.

Every Last Word

A very sweet tale that speaks about mental illness and deep emotions that can become an absolute trap. The book is written in a way that is fictional and engaging, but it actually refers to real life obstacles that many of us face. 

Surrounded By Idiots

For those who struggle to deal with certain types of people and feel as though sometimes they are the only one that makes sense, this book is for you. It’s all about communicating with people who are not on the same level as you, discover the idea behind human behaviour in depth. 

The 5 Languages Of Love 

This book speaks the languages of love, it lights the way for romance to enter the life of partners. It goes through five ways for love to be expressed and experienced fully, this is an excellent source to help you understand your relationship and build a stronger bond.

Notes On A Nervous Planet

Written for those struggling with life, the anxious, the depressed and the doubtful ones. Anyone can hold open this book and close it with a clearer vision as to how modern life drives anxiety and how this can be dealt with for a better living. 

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success

In order to fulfil our deepest desires and bring happiness into your life, there are seven simple principles to follow. Unlike what we grew up believing, that success comes only through hard work and determination, there’s a lot more to it that plays a huge role in success. 

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

Understand how men view love, relationships, intimacy and commitment and you’ll become an expert “keeper” rather than a “sports fish” as Steve Harvey describes it. Turns out to be that men are a lot more simple than we actually think, once you understand how they think then you’ll rule the world. 

Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus 

Another awesome book that guides the way to healthy relationships, in fact it has transformed the lives of many couples. Written by a relationship counsellor who reveals the necessity for understanding and acceptance when it comes to differences between male and female. 

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