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How To Stay Mindful During The Pandemic Panic

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, confused, worried or down, know that you’re not alone. Being surrounded by people who just panic and news that’s often quite frightening initiates all these emotions and influences the way you think and act. 


In light of the propaganda, it’s very important to be aware of how you feel and to be able to control your negative thoughts so that they don’t drive you mad and impact your life in unwanted ways.

We cannot control everything happening around us, but we do have to power to control how we respond to it. To be mindful doesn’t mean to ignore, avoid or act in opposition but rather to be present, knowledgable, understanding and wise towards the entire situation. 


Yes, this may sound impossible for those already suffering from anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or any other mental heath condition.

However, it all goes back to how we choose to consume the information, you can either see something positive in everything or something negative in everything and the choice is yours. For some of us it may be harder than others, but as humans we are capable of controlling our thoughts, feelings and actions. 


Learn to be mindful by practicing healthy habits. 


• Have faith that bad times shall pass. 


• Believe that we cannot control everything but we can get through anything. 


• Take your precautions seriously but don’t stress yourself out, wash your hands with soap and water if you are struggling to find the other hygienic supplies.


• Stay connected, it may be saddening that our social lives are being demolished but at least we have digital methods of communication.  


• Take care of your family, be supportive and be present while you have the chance. This will help you feel more secure as well. 


• Focus on your physical health, eat well and work out if you can. Take it step by step and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you’re only doing this to satisfy your own body. 


• Take work-from-home as an advantage to learn more about yourself in terms of independence and personal skills. 


• Break away from social media every now and then, you do need to be aware but not to the extent where you’re overly bombarded with news information. 


• Get the right amount of sleep, your body needs to relax and your mind needs a break from the constant worries and overthinking. 


Remember, the outbreak is just one of many wars that the world is fighting, sooner or later it shall be over. Take care of yourself and take it easy so that it passes smoothly and you remain strong.


May you remain peaceful, safe, healthy and optimistic always and through all hardships. Choose to focus on the bright side because what you focus on is what actually grows.

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