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Covid-19 Myths Revealed

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

As coronavirus continues, lots of information is being revealed and discussed. However, not all of it is utterly true and some have been identified as myths. Health carers are exploring the virus more clearly and have become more aware of it’s characteristics and preventions.Therefore, it’s important to refer to trusted sources such as WHO, CDC and local public health departments for valid and credible information. 


This is not the right time to hear something that is useless, half true or untrue, we are all seeking the advise and help we need to survive this worldwide pandemic. It’s important to be sure about your facts before spreading the information around as this can increase anxiety and won’t be beneficial to you the ones who heard the false advice.


Here are some of the myths explained:


1. Masks are not protective unless the person is ill - Protective masks are safe if used correctly. People who are sick require them the most to block any respiratory droplets from reaching another person. Healthy individuals don’t require masks unless they are in a crowded area which shouldn’t be the case.


2. Pets do not transmit coronavirus - There is no evidence that animals catch or transmit the virus, but the CDC stated that they’re still unsure if humans transfer to animals. Hence, there is no need to completely isolate your fluffy friends. However also no need to constantly cuddle with them, particularly if you’re feeling sick. 


3. Painkillers won’t make covid-19 symptoms worse - This has been denied by WHO, there is no need to panic about medications like ibuprofen as it will not impact you in terms of coronavirus.  


4. If you are young, it doesn’t mean you’re anti-coronavirus - Indeed, older people are at higher risk and so are those with autoimmune, diabetes and health issues but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to recover from it so easily.


5. Home remedies don’t prevent the virus - We’ve heard so many recipes and recommendations such as gargling hot water with salt, lemon and vinegar. Although they may make you feel better, they won’t completely eliminate the virus or keep it away. 


6. Coronavirus doesn’t diminish in hot weather - People have been believing that the virus will die away as temperatures rise. However, this is not the case since the virus already exists in hot and humid countries, we’re also heading towards summer and there is no hint that it’s disappearing.


7. Antibiotics don’t cure coronavirus - This is incorrect, given that antibiotics are only effective towards bacterial infections not viral ones. Patients are given medication according to their symptoms, to make the temperature drop or to reduce the coughing but not antibiotics. 


8. Mosquitos don’t transmit the disease - Covid-19 is a respiratory virus, meaning it spreads through droplets generated from an infected person but nothing has been proven about transmutation through mosquitos.

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