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A Guide To Dealing With Your Partner In Quarantine

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

Being in quarantine, face-to-face with your husband can teach you more about your relationship and it can really test your patience. Many couples might struggle to accept quarantine time due to this particular reason, they know they’ll get annoyed with one another. It’s completely normal to have conflicts, no matter how much you love the person or how long you’ve been together. 


It’s important to remember that the stress and pressure everyone is facing during the coronavirus outbreak might impact on your attitude with your partner, unintentionally. But taking some points into consideration can ease the quarantine experience and actually improve your relationship. 


  • Communication is the key, talk out loud about what bothers you and make yourself clear. 


  • Listen to what your partner has to say, it’s important to see things from their perspective too. 


  • Bring up the sweet memories, ones that can put you both in a happy mood and start a conversation. 


  • Share the concerns and worries together, it’s important to express sympathy and support each other during difficult times.


  • Allow your partner to share the house chores or kindly ask them to help if they are not paying attention.  


  • Compliment your partner for the smallest acts they do, show them some appreciation. 


  • If you’re both working at home, allow some personal space and individuality. Your partner might prefer to set up their own working area or have some alone time.


  • Get closer by doing activities together, for example you could start working out or cooking together.


  • Keep the romance, watch some romantic comedies, hold hands and express your love more often. 


  • Remind each other that things will get better, plan a holiday post quarantine or create a bucket list to work on together. 


These are some of many ways that you could try to renew and strengthen your relationship. Use the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to get closer, show security and support for one another because that’s definitely needed. 

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