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Take A Look At The Bright Side of Coronavirus

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

As dark as it may seem and through all the heartbreaking news, excessive fear, and increasing number of covid-19 cases and deaths each day, we must have some hope and see the positive side of it. Yes our lives are interrupted, our work life has changed, our social life is almost completely prohibited, people are ill and some are dying, schools are closed, healthcare is overwhelmed, market share is destroyed and governments are over spending. 


However, there is a bright side that many of us might not be aware of. We might recognise the value of our time later on when everything returns back to normal. When all survivors of the virus pandemic have learned something important about life. When the earth regains it’s strength and beauty so that we are able to consume it once again. 


The greatest opportunities we gain from coronavirus are as follows: 


A cleaner environment

Indeed, earth needed a break! Roads have became clearer, no more traffic, factories are closed, clusters of people seperated, lights become dimmed and there is a certain quietness that the earth was longing for. There comes a reduction in green house gases, air  and water pollution as we no longer overly operate. It’s a chance for nature to regrow and for animals to breathe. This may be temporary but it’s super important, maybe coronavirus can teach us how to take care of our surroundings because we simply contain them. 



Better understanding of hygiene 

We’ve been hearing it all over, “protect yourself for the protection of others.” The number one rule to avoiding the virus is to maintain personal hygiene, something that not everyone took so seriously beforehand. Through practice, we are able to gain a proper understanding of what hygiene really is and it’s importance in health and wellbeing. The precautions we take from now on should become a way of living, long after the virus ends. 



Sharing and acceptance

The separation, fear and anxiety experienced by everyone at moment is capable of teaching us valuable life lessons. It’s already happening, we are sharing thoughts, knowledge and information that can help others to join the fight against the virus. We are accepting the fact that this is a worldwide crisis and facing it together. There are helping hands and countries reaching out for each other, people are helping the less fortunate and health carers are risking their own lives to safe others. Above all, we are beginning to accept the situation and react upon it - accepting and understanding drives positive change.  



Speed and innovation

Everyone is working autonomously in light of the outbreak, governments have taken quick decisions past the laws and systems, and people are working in digital methods without supervision. Covid-19 proves that difficult times require fast actions, it also brings about transformation where ways of doing things becomes altered and new implementations arise. Much in the same way that restaurants and stores have shifted to online and delivery services, schools have introduced E-learning and we are exploring newer and safer ways of doing things. 



More time and space

Now that our days are less crowded and a lot of entertainment facilities and social gatherings are forbidden, we have an opportunity to settle down and spend our time in more meaningful and peaceful ways. We have been awarded some personal space and it’s an advantage to use it very wisely, we also have more time to work on ourselves. It’s no longer obligatory to be there or to meet social expectations, there is much more freedom in the time and space we have in quarantine. 



Appreciation and reflection 

Coronavirus has given us the chance to get to know our selves better, to look at our unhealthy habits, reflect on our past and make changes for our future. Most importantly, we must come to realise the things we took for granted, to appreciate every moment in life and break away from usual routines, because there comes a time where life decides to pause and it may become very challenging. 


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