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Tips For Parents During The Coronavirus outbreak

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

For the safety of families and the wider community, we are all being encouraged to stay home in quarantine and avoid the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Governments have decided to let students practice online education, and some workplaces have also chosen to protect their employees by letting them work from home. At this point, you are most likely trying to manage your time between work and your kids and it’s okay if you’re struggling, you’re not alone. 


Below are some tips to assist you: 



Create a timetable that suits everyone


-Add the hours you require to finish your own work and determine the hours your children need to finish their homework. 

-Add all other activities you’d like to do throughout the day. 

-Add some house chores that can be divided so everyone can help out.  

-Get the children involved and committed to the plan. 



Talk to your kids about coronavirus


-Depending on their age, they need to be aware of what’s happening and why they’re at home rather than being at school. 

-Read books about hygiene or watch some Youtube videos that explain safety measures in a fun and simple way. 

-Watch Monster’s Inc. and highlight the connection between coronavirus and the movie. 

-Do some experiments that relate to viruses and bacteria. 

-Form a discussion and allow the children to share their thoughts and ideas about covid-19.



Encourage a healthy lifestyle


-Do some workouts together, perhaps some Yoga practices. 

-You can also find step-by-step tutorials on Youtube. 

-Do some cooking, get the children engaged and introduce them to healthy food options. 

-Make some time for an open discussion, this will allow your family to communicate together and reduce stress and anxiety



Make some time for fun


-Explore everyone’s creative talent. 

-Do some dance or singing competitions. 

-Play board games that enhance thinking abilities, such as Monopoly. 

-Create some daily videos where you and your children speak about your experience in quarantine. 

-Get the children to do some arts and crafts activities, you can find so many ideas on Youtube. 


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