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Great Tips on How to Make New Year’s Resolution for 2022 and Keep It!

Mariam Youssef - Dec 2021

What was your last year’s resolution? Lose weight? Become a positive person? Learn something new? Did you actually do any of these things? While a few may have successfully kept their last year’s resolution, many of us haven’t. Well, that’s why we’re here today to tell you how you’re going to make 2022’s resolution and keep it.

Be Specific

You can’t just go about saying that you’ll become a better person next year without specifying exactly what is it that will make you achieve this goal. Becoming a better version of yourself isn’t a goal; it’s more of a result! You can do plenty of things to become a better person. You can either stop a bad habit that affects your health, such as smoking or try to take part in a good deed like donating or helping the poor. Being specific makes your goal clearer and easier to attain.

Be Realistic

You may get too carried away by the notion of creating your new year’s resolution; just writing your goals down makes you feel triumphant somehow! Don’t get too excited though and start jotting down unrealistic goals that you know deep down inside you won’t achieve. For example, if you’re looking forward to losing weight, you have to set a realistic, simple goal that you can stick to. Making it hard and challenging for yourself will only make it easier for you to give up on the whole thing.

Write Encouraging Notes

While creating a list of goals is exciting, working hard to make your dreams come true isn’t as fun. That’s why you need to keep yourself going by writing encouraging notes while making your resolution. Talk to yourself in these notes and address your weaknesses that can create obstacles. These notes will come in handy whenever you feel distracted or about to give up.

Limit Your Resolutions

Try not to swamp your new year’s resolution list. Keep it simple and short. By the end of the year, you will truly feel satisfied and fulfilled when you achieve your goals. Postpone other goals till next year so you can give yourself a chance to achieve them too.

Create a Plan

Making a new year’s resolution is easy, but planning how you’re going to keep it is the real deal. When choosing specific goals, you have to create a certain timeframe in which you can achieve them. If you decide to do things randomly without creating a plan, your whole resolution will be doomed to fail.

Seek Support

Here’s a tip you’ve probably heard a thousand times before, yet it proves useful every time it’s put to the test; seek the support of the people around you. Involve your mom, sister, best friend, or partner in your new year’s resolution and allow them to help you keep it. Your “buddy” support system will always motivate and push you towards achieving your goals.


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