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Did You Just Find out That Your Man Is a Scorpio? Learn How to Deal with Him with These Tips!

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

If you’re wondering about the reason why Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matthew McConaughey are that charming and attractive, well, it’s their zodiac sign. They’re Scorpios! Scorpio men are known to be mysterious, attractive, and, sometimes, difficult to deal with. If your partner is born between Oct 23rd and Nov 21st, read this carefully to learn how to win him over and be his best friend.

Don’t Be Pushy

Although being mysterious is a part of Scorpio men’s charm, they can sometimes be exceptionally secretive, which is quite annoying, to be honest! Nonetheless, you shouldn't push them to talk or open up. Scorpios hate to be pushed or forced into doing something. Try to be understanding of their secretive nature and they will slowly start to open up.

Let Him Be the Boss

Even though we all know that women are the real bosses who run the world, give your man the impression that he has the upper hand. Scorpio men love to be in control, so give him the opportunity to lead. Let him choose your date’s location or allow him to pick your outfits occasionally; he will be thrilled!

Never Lie

While lying is generally an awful thing, lying to a Scorpio is really bad. You may see his romantic and cute side now, but if he catches you in a lie, you will surely see a totally different side of him that is full of anger; believe me, you don’t want to see that! When a Scorpio man gets hurt, chances are he will never forgive or forget.

Be Patient, Especially in Fights!

Let’s be honest, winning a fight with a Scorpio is close to impossible. Yes, they’re secretive most of the time, but they have loads of emotions. So, when a fight takes place between the two of you, be patient as much as you can. Try to remain calm, don’t disagree with him, and don’t react to anything he says. After he expresses his wrath and feelings, he probably will apologize.

No Criticizing

Probably most of your friends can take a joke, but Scorpios aren't overly friendly when made fun of. If you want to make fun of something he does or says, do it once and that’s it. If you continue, get ready to meet his fussy and bad-tempered side.

Get Ready for His Shocking Honesty

Sometimes he can be a little more direct than you would like, but a Scorpio will always tell you the truth bluntly. Your man is not here to play games or to keep the rumor going. He will tell you what he wants exactly and what’s on his mind, which is a scarce trait in today's dating arena.


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