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A New World Guinness Record by Ali Mounir in Gymnastics Is Making Us All Very Proud!

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

The 22-year-old Egyptian gymnast, Ali Mounir, broke the record for the jump squat movement to enter the Guinness Book of Records after achieving 80 repetitions in 60 seconds. The last number recorded in the encyclopedia was 75 repetitions by the Spanish footballer Cristian Roberto. Mounir says: “I was able to beat the Spanish player with continuous exercise. The idea started to come to me since I was 16 years old as I watched some record-breakers and I became eager to register in the Guinness Book of Records to become distinguished in the field of sports.”

Ali Mounir started gymnastics when he was 16 years old in 2015 and was able to break 5 Guinness World Records. During a report on Egyptian television, Mounir said: “I was browsing the videos of the Guinness record-breakers on their official page, so I was encouraged to become one of them. The first record I achieved was accepted only after 20 days, which is unprecedented."

He stated that his first experience was in 2018, in the jump squad, when he achieved 75 reps. He was not familiar with the necessary rules, so his number was rejected by Guinness. After that, he injured his ankle and could not break the record. As soon as he recovered, he came back and broke the first record. In 2021, he achieved 4 records, accomplishing his long-waited-for dream.

Ali Mounir, who is originally from the village of Shenwan in Shebin El-Koum, was able to break the record in the jump squat by achieving 80 reps per minute. He broke the second record in the squat exercise by achieving 206 repetitions in 3 minutes.

As for the third record, it was achieved by “Prone Ground to Standing” exercise; with a weight of 100 pounds, he could achieve 15 repetitions. He also achieved the fourth record in the squat exercise with a weight of 60 pounds, achieving 59 repetitions per minute. Finally, he was able to attain the fifth record in the squat exercise with a weight of 80 pounds, doing 53 reps per minute.

What’s more fascinating is that Mounir did not join any club or youth training center; he used to practice these exercises daily at home by following the most prominent athletes on YouTube as well as the official website of the competition. Even though he was exposed to some injuries at first, Mounir continued to imitate these movements until he mastered them.

Although he was unable to join the Faculty of Physical Education, he joined a basic course for coaches affiliated with the Syndicate of Sports Professions to delve into the study of motor skills and sports in general. Since the beginning of 2019, Ali Mounir started working as a gymnastics coach for children in one of the academies in Cairo, which will enable him to obtain many achievements in gymnastics with Egypt's future champions.

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