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For the First time in 75 Years, the Egyptian State Council Appoints 98 Female Judges!

Mariam Youssef - Oct 2021

In the State Council, on Tuesday, October 19th, the new female judges took the constitutional oath in the presence of the President of the State Council, the Secretary-General of the State Council, and a number of State Council advisors.

The Minister of Justice, Omar Marwan, expressed his happiness and gratitude for this event saying that this is a historic event that has never happened before in the council. He continued thanking President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the first Egyptian women’s advocate, for his continuous support.

Dr Maya Morsi, head of the National Council for Women, also said that she is very lucky to witness such a historic moment of appointing female judges in the State Council 75 years after its foundation. Morsi thanked President Sisi for his constant support for women in all fields.

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The head of the council, Muhammad Hossam El-Din, confirmed that the new female judges are valuable additions to the judicial work and offered them a very warm welcome.

He also added that two years later, all female judges will probably wish they’d worked here in the past as the State Council is completely different from other organizations, where they can really feel their worth and be themselves.

Taha Karso, Secretary-General of the State Council and the official spokesman said that the female judges have completed their documents and cleared them of the judicial authority in their old jobs and took the legal oath on Tuesday in front of the President of the State Council. They started working immediately and President Sisi directed all state ministries and agencies to fully support the State Council and the new judges to create an appropriate environment for them to work.

This decision of appointing female judges is considered a precedent in the history of the State Council that refused for many years to allow female judges in although the constitution guarantees equality between women and men in all privileges. It also guarantees that women have the right to acquire public and senior management positions in the state and be appointed to judicial authorities.


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