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Love Always Wins - Marriage In The Time Of Coronavirus

Rana Ragab - Jun 2020

Obviously, traditional weddings are banned by now and realistically very unsafe during the coronavirus pandemic. You wouldn’t want to start a new phase of your life falling ill with your partner, when you should be celebrating your marriage and generally spending a fine honeymoon. 


However, some marriages are still being done in the middle of the crisis. People just don’t want to kill the bit of positivity left behind, instead they want to dance and live through the unwelcomed and unwanted Covid-19. This is understandable of course, but at the same time we must be aware that an attempt to get married during such risky time can turn out disastrous. 


So here’s how people are trying to somewhat solve the messed up intentions, plans and worries without considering the danger they are putting themselves and their guests into. There is an increasing number of home weddings lately, given it is the only way to party under personal responsibility and get together in your own property. But what about all the preparations and the missed precautions? Because honestly, no matter how much the bride/groom/everyone tries to be super careful and sanitise every single detail included, it’s still invalid and unsafe.



Think about all the decorations, the dress, the suit, the food, the make-up artist and stylist that come along beforehand, and finally all the people invited even if it’s very few friends and family members. How could they be so sure that everyone who attends is not a virus carrier? I mean is everyone wearing a protective mask? Are they all taking the right distancing measures in light of all the music, dancing, hugging and holding hands that normally happens? 


Weddings are made for celebrating and people should be able to freely express their happiness for the married couple. But this is definitely the wrong time to directly invite the unseen and creepy virus into your home without ensuring all precautionary measures are applied effectively.

It’s about time that people start to take things more seriously and think wisely when planning for a wedding during the existence of Covid-19. It is your right to undergo marriage as planned but coronavirus interrupted everything not only your wedding! And due to the current circumstances and for the safest outcome, it is best to accept this and deal with it in the right way. So the best idea when doing weddings at home is to carefully ensure that all guests attend wearing protective masks, there are even custom made ones for weddings. Also,  celebrate quietly and sensibly with the right social-distancing measures. Or even go for a virtual wedding which makes perfect sense for now!


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