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Coronavirus Disturbs the Wedding Industry

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

With the increasing number of cases worldwide, Coronavirus has proven to be a destructive disease that has spread a vast amount of fear in every home, town, city and country on planet earth. Along with its life-threatening consequences, Covid-19 has killed the optimism and hope we had for 2020.


The epidemic disease has caused many interruptions to our daily routines, business practices and mobility. One of the industries that have been severely impacted is the wedding industry where it’s professionals are now forced to step back and couples are prevented from having  their lifetime celebration and sharing the happiness with their beloved family and friends.



Wedding vibes have completely vanished away and distress has become the real deal as most wedding ceremonies have forcefully been cancelled or delayed, wedding gowns put aside and honeymoon destinations shutdown. Wedding planners will experience a drop as they won’t be able to operate for some time until weddings are enabled once again. Global retailers will also lose market share and inventory as dresses made in China and other drastically affected regions will be avoided, we can already recognize shipping delays and a drop in sales happening.



Hotels and wedding venues will have to make a pause until it is safe for gatherings and parties to return, this is another major loss as they rely heavily on such events to make profit and other contributors rely on those hotels too. Photographers, videographers, singers, caterers and everyone who adds value to weddings will become impacted in some way due to an inability to carry out what they mainly make their money from.



It may seem manageable to postpone those weddings and flight tickets, but all it really means is lost deposits and to cancel means losing everything you planned and paid for. Not to mention, the waiting is extremely hard for couples who have been looking forward to this day. It is a major issue, particularly as we remain unsure as to when the Coronavirus catastrophe will come to an end and allow us to carry on with our lives normally.



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