Biotin for Brides

As your wedding gets closer you should set your bridal beauty plan. You start to take a great care of your skin, hair and nails. If you are tired of searching for the best foods to help maintain a glowing skin and healthy hair growth, here you will find your guide to get your bridal glow. Everybody knows the popular saying “you are what you eat”, so if you include some foods in your diet you will get the results that you want.

You may have heard before that BIOTIN is very useful, but what you do not know that it must be included in your bridal diet. BIOTIN is a B vitamin and is known as vitamin B7. It contains many health benefits as it plays a vital role in enhancing your skin, hair and nails.



Benefits of biotin:


Biotin aids in hair growth and its deficiency can cause hair loss. It strengthens your hair follicles. It helps your hair look healthier.




 It strengthens your nails and helps thicken your nail cuticles. It decreases the amount of nail splitting and breakage.



Biotin promotes healthy skin as it treats many skin problems like acne, dermatitis and itchy skin. It nourishes your skin from inside out and gives you that glowing look.



Nervous system:

It helps support your nervous system as it is a B complex vitamin, so it helps improve brain function and memory and it stimulates neurotransmitter activity.


Best food sources of biotin:



Whole grain bread





Biotin can be found in a supplement form as well as in certain foods. Some recommend taking it better in a supplement form as a way to be sure you are getting enough of it. If you include biotin in your diet, you will get healthy hair, nails and more beautiful skin. This is an effective way to get your bridal glow.


By: B&W Team