Ramadan Series you wouldn't want to miss!

A week has already passed in the holy month of Ramadan and we’re all still trying to get used to the fact that we aren’t allowed to drink Water in the Morning and in the midst of this hot weather.  Like every year, celebrities and media channels race to provide us with a collection of different Arabic series from different genres. From Ahmed E Sakka, to Donya Samir Ghanem to Mohamed Ramadan, there is a definite frenzy every year and with so many star-studded series to choose from, one can get quite distracted and confused on what to watch. 


We’ve decided to help out! Since we’ve had a week to asses all the series that debuted this season, we now have some clear winners! We’ve compiled a list of the best series you can watch this Ramadan season, hinting on why it can become the next big blockbuster!

1- Zelzal

Starring non-other than Mohamed Ramadan, Zelzal follows a young man who was orphaned when he was a kid as a result of the destruction of his building in the 1992 Earthquake. Harby Sr. (also played by Ramadan) buys a house in fixed installments and value from Khalil. When the last installment is due, Harby Sr demands that the house be registered in his name and his ownership is relinquished, but Khalil keeps on procrastinating until the "1992 earthquake" in which Harby Sr. meets his end and the house collapses following the earthquake. Survived only by his son, Mohamed Harby (Ramadan), the boy grew up knowing that his father owned a land and he prepares himself to confront Khalil with this who instead denies that his father paid the last installment and thus, the land still belongs to Khalil. Despite the existence of a love story of the Khalil’s daughter, Amal and Mohamed Harby, the girl's father stands between them. Starring Mohamed Ramadan and Maged El Masry, they’re also joined by the lovely Hala Shiha in her first drama following a 10 year hiatus. 


2- Kalabsh 3

The third installment of Kalabsh, follows Selim El Ansary (Amir Karrara) who resigns from the Ministry of Interior Affairs to Major General Jalal Khattab (Ahmed Abd El Aziz), who strongly objects to this request. Eventually, he succumbed to the request and Selim resigns and moves on to establish a security company with Akram Safwan (Hesham Selim). Later, some differences emerge, turning into enmity and conflict. This Series is Starring Amir Karrar who reprises his role of Selim El Ansary for a Third Season as Well as Ahmed Abd El Aziz, Hesham Selim, Yousra El Louzy and Ahmed El Awady.


3- Weld El Ghalaba

Starring Ahmed El Sakka, Weld El Ghalaba follows An ordinary man from El Saeed named Issa who suffers from poverty. He is forced to work two jobs because of the physical conditions he is exposed to during the events. His first job is a teacher in a public school. The second is a night worker with Dahi, a drug dealer. As the events escalate, he is forced to do things that contradict his principles. In the midst of that, the increasing enmity between him and Dahi escalates. Starring Ahmed el Sakka in the lead role of Issa, He’s joined by Mohamed Mamdouh, Mai Omar, Enjy El Mokkadem and Edward, as well as several other notable actors and actresses. 

4- Abou Gabal

The first episodes of Abou Gabal witness the killing of both children of Mustafa Shaaban from his wife, played by the Actress Aisha bin Ahmed. Shaaban then finds himself in multiple conflicts with his family and his brothers, especially after the death of his children, and his father Hassan Hosni which then compels him to begin searching for the killer throughout the episodes only to eventually enter prison. A Drama that’s interesting, and that has many puzzles which finds us witnessing the involvement of the Mustafa Shaaban’s Character in a large number of and problems and issues, which turn his life upside down. Starring Mostafa Shaaban, Mahmoud el Bizawy, Aisha Bin Ahmed, Diab and Mohamed Ali Rizk. 


Hekayty is the first Drama that features the lovely Yasmine Sabry as the lead. Hekayty follows Yasmine Sabri’s character, Dalida who studies fashion design and who dreams of one day having her own line of fashion. Her dreams are dashed by her hateful brother and her meek, weak father who forbid her from working and confine her to the house, gaining much power over her after her mother passes away. In love with Ahmed Hatem’s Character who’s also her first cousin, she finds herself in the midst of a family war after her brother shoots Hatem’s sister and kills her in the eve of her wedding. Unable to face anyone, especially the man she loves, she flees from el Saeed and settles in Alexandria where she finds love again, but the horrors of her past and her family threaten to dash her newfound love and freedom. Hekayty has an ensemble cast of Yasmine Sabry, Islam Gamal, Ahmed Hatem, Edward and Sara El Tonsy.

6- Zay El Shams

After he Success Last year playing Malika, Dina El Sherbiny once again surprises us with a top-notch performance in her new Thriller drama series, Zay EL Shams. Zay El Shams Follows the character of Noor, who lives in London and after being enstranged from her family for 10 years, her mother frantically calls her to tell her that her sister is missing. Leaving everything behind, Noor goes back to Cairo and instead finds herself tangled in a murder mystery that involves her sister. Armed only by her wit, Noor begins to look for the killer, and find all points of implications pointing at many people who are particularly close to her. Joining DinaEl Sherbiny is Reham Abd Ghafour who plays the role of Farida, El Sherbiny’s late sister and also Ahmed El Saadany, Ahmed Dawood, Sawsan Badr, Gamal Soliman and Ahmed Malik.


Starring the extremely Talented Mohamed Mahmoud, Qabeel is a thrilling murder mystery which follows Mahmoud, who plays a talented yet conflicted police investigator with a sketchy past who’s put in charge in investigating a series of kidnappings and murders of numerous girls. Qabeel finds us witnessing the struggles of Mamdouh who is trying to follow the trail of the kidnapper, all the while, his constant struggle in dealing with his own demons as well. 

8-Hadoutet Morra

Ramadan Series are not complete without Ghada Abd El Razek. Hadoutet Morra follows Razek who grows up in a very tiring and hard environment, dealing with a prostitute of a mother and an absent Father. Morra becomes determined to change her fate after growing up being bullied and looked down upon all her life. Joining Ghada Abd El Razek is Magdy Kamel, Ayda Reyad and Abd El Rahmen Abou Zahra. 


9-Le Akher Nafas

After multiple comedic roles, Yasmine Abd El Aziz return to drama with her exciting new Series “Le Akher Nafas” where she plays an engineer who, In a dramatic turn, is exposed to many difficult situations, following the sudden death of her husband, a police officer. She is then forced to take care of her daughter and son alone, and in the process, she discovers exciting things she did not know about him and his line of work. 

10- Qamar Hady

Following Last Year’s take on a drama Series, Hany Salama returns once again in Qamar Hady where he plays the role of Hadi Abu al-Makarem, who finds himself suffering from Short-term Memory Loss after an accident. Over time, he remembers some things, but it seems like his personality is constantly changing, and somehow this strange occurrence happens when the moon appears in the sky. He then becomes a very harsh person who resolves to drinking alcohol and drugs and it reaches the point where his own daughter becomes very afraid of him. Is it the moon, does it really have an impact on his personality or are the drugs and alcohol the ones to blame?