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Ideas For Preparing Ramadan Decorations

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Everyone waits for this special month to come around every year, it always brings a joyful and generous spirit along which fills the air, streets, houses and most importantly people’s hearts. All the aspects that come together in Ramadan make it very unique, including the astonishing decorations that express the love and happiness behind the blessed month. 


It’s part of our traditions and customs to prepare for and embrace this time of the year, families and friends gather up for sharing and celebrating those moments. The streets are filled with lights and lanterns, kids wait for their gifts and the houses are pampered with moons, stars and other objects reflecting the theme. Some people keep their decorations and use them each year, while other people enjoy renewing and recreating. 


With Ramadan just around the corner, it’s about time to share some tips and ideas to guide you as you decorate your home with some exciting embellishments.

• Hang up some banners at the front door along with some small colourful lights that will be visible to your neighbours and visitors. 


• If you have stairs at home, add a few lanterns on some of the steps to illuminate a sense of joy. 


• Add some cushions in the lounge, those with  Ramadan patterns and colours that set the mood. 

• Put a Ramadan themed cover on your dining table, it will constantly remind you on the warmth it brings to families as they sit together for Iftar.


• Hang up a Ramadan calendar that is noticeable and highlights prayer times, it can also be used as a countdown to Eid. 


• Create some moons and stars with your children and get them to display the on the walls, it’s always more meaningful to use your handcrafted decorations. 


• Come up with a jar that‘s filled with notes from each family member, add something everyday that can be shared at the end of the month. 


• Buy some 3D star boxes and fill them with sweets, attach them to the ceiling so that they fall down beautifully. 


• Light up some candles around the house, it’s a bright month and it’s a great way to showcase that.


• Bring out special trays, tea pots and cups and put them somewhere in the house, fancy stuff comes out during cheerful times.

• Put the coffee and dates nicely together, they are essential during Ramadan and seen as a symbol. 

•Paint some empty boxes with Ramadan related stuff and stack them up so that they stand out somewhere in the house.


•Wrap some gifts for your children and get them to open it up before Eid, it’s a great way to keep them surprised and engaged during the holy month. 



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