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Can’t Decide Between Classic and Modern?

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

If you just purchased a new house or would like to redecorate your pre-existing one but you are confused between the traditional and modern look, then the answer would be to consider a mixture of both. You may think it would seem unusual, but some of the industry’s most professional designers are now undertaking this approach most of the time and it has become a common trend to style your home in such way. Lets discuss the difference between traditional vs. modern before we go into further detail about the new trend that combines both.


The traditional/classic style is timeless, it’s all about vintage and aesthetic value. It often involves bold and dark colours that give that classic finish, a classic home will usually have soft lighting and mostly consist of handcrafted furnishing. It relies heavily on symmetry, everything needs to look fine and well-balanced. In addition, it includes rich patterns of florals, plaids and stripes that reflect old villages and country homes.



In contrast, the modern look is all about the contemporary and futuristic mood. This style is usually more appealing to the eyes given it’s sleek and shiny finish. Unlike the classic design, it solely focuses on asymmetry and is more strictly structured for those who prefer fresh looking and firm spaces. The modern style is very minimalistic, meaning it mostly involves plain and sharp elements and furniture designs.



Now that we’ve covered the distinguishing features between both interior design, you might like to go with the classic look and include a twist of modern or vice versa. All you need to do is select your base then add bits and pieces of the opposite.


For instance, if you choose to go with the traditional style, then you might need to blend some colours, add some cool artwork, stylish lamps and cushions to give a hint of modern. Whereas, if you choose to go for the modern style as your base then you could select more muted shades of grey, yellow and white. Add some vintage decorations, as well as rugs and curtains that have some classic patterns.



Just remember that no design is right or wrong, so don’t be afraid to come up with your own unique style. A combination of new and old could turn out to be absolutely fabulous. Keeping a balanced palette and choosing the appropriate furniture is the key to creating something overall appealing regardless of what you choose to call it, Modern or Classic.


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