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Enjoy the Taste of Lebanon with Taboon Urban Lebanese Restaurant

B&W - Nov 2019

This restaurant opened in 2013, offering quality Lebanese food with one of the best Nile view relaxing seat in zamalek. If you are looking for a 24 hours open spot with pleasant Lebanese food … Taboon is the answer.

Taboon owner has different chains like Pottery Café, El- Toor for Oriental Food, Tavolino Restaurant, and Il Divino Pizzeria.. After speaking in person to the owner “Yehia Ismaeil” he stated that “He wanted to own all kind of food and present it in different moods to suit all different tastes.”

I grabbed a table with a window seat to enjoy the Nile view; the place welcomes you with a warm sunny ambiance as it located directly in front of the Nile view and wide big windows that make you enjoy this relaxing sight.

The seating options will get you in the mood with this modern cozy decoration that varies from comfy big chairs or wide comfy couches.

They present unique local dishes sung by the locals while many wonder whether they are really names of dishes or television competitions: Shish Barak or Al- Basha wa ‘Asakro, These dishes cannot be older than the 17th century.

Signature Dish:

Basha Wa-‘Asakro (باشا وعساكره)

“Pasha and his Soldiers” are made from kibbeh and minced meat stuffed dumplings in a warm yogurt-based sauce. It’s a dish that moved to Bilad al-Sham during the Ottoman occupation and was preserved and developed by the Syrians and Lebanese.

They do have plenty of appetizers: All your hot and cold mezze options are there, from borak (fried pastry with halloumi) to moussaka., and groats “Grilled Freeka”.

The most exceptional thing they got, is all the herbs and spices they use come from Lebanon and Syria.


It’s a traditional Lebanese herbal drink and medicine, zhourat is a throat-soothing blend of herbs and flowers ideal for settling the stomach and nursing a cold.

I have tried this one and it’s my favorite by now its Chamomile flowers and Damask rose.

I met chef “Ahmed Fayez” he reveled to us the secret components of this drink:

“The oriental princess of” Zhourat” kingdom; a bunch of dried pinky flowers with a luscious smell and fine taste.” Chef Ahmed Fayez

I was very happy with my experience at Taboon. The food was absolutely delicious and was served in large quantities. Service was attentive and friendly. I ordered Shish Tawook and Fattoush Salad and it didn’t take long for food to arrive at the table, all items we had ordered in one go.

The mega Fattoush salad and Shish Tawook cooked to perfection is a must try there!

Last but not least Chef Ahmed insisted to try his signature Konafa Nabulsi before hitting the road.

It was Hot and cheesy, with the characteristic flavor of rosewater, it was a pleasant way to cap off the meal.

What else is there?

They have the best shisha, El Fakher (Arabic for Premium) brand that offers the freshest tobacco and lends itself to the delicious shishas bursting with flavor (same shisha provider at Pottery Café) .

The owner “Yehia Ismaeil” reveled a good surprise is coming to Egypt in February 2020!

For those who went to Paris and London and tried the steak of place called “Le Relais De L' Entrecote – Restaurant” well first franchise is finally hitting Cairo.

For those who don't know it.. let me tell you some yummy info about it to get you excited!

Le Relais De L’ Entrecote Restaurant

Its international brand – it’s a steak house.

They are known for their meat sauce – its sauce that no one knows how to do it!

It’s a secret sauce and that what usually make the people come for the steak to eat the sauce with the steak.


It’s a very simple menu, it’s just one dish menu.

Meat and French fries + appetizer with salad and of course Served with the secret sauce

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