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All the Foodies out There Will Love These Top 10 Egyptian Food Bloggers

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

Whether you dine out a lot and need recommendations from pros or you love the kitchen and need new, creative recipes to cook for your family, following food bloggers on social media is a must. Here, in Egypt, we’re blessed to have plenty of food bloggers who create and review some mouth-watering food. That said, we’ll present to you the top 10 food bloggers in Egypt on Instagram to follow and get inspired.

Mohammed Hazem

Mohammed Hazem is not only a brilliant chef, but he’s also the winner of the TikTok Heroes Award for best food content in 2020. He cooks and reviews all kinds of food, but he is specialized in yummy oriental Egyptian food. Just don’t blame us if you gain extra weight after following his page.

Instagram followers: 325k

Fouad ElKaffas

If you don’t follow him already, you’ve probably come across his reels on Instagram. He’s a TV presenter who’s known for his genuine love for food and creating amazing and simple recipes that everyone can make at home. His presentation skills and easy explanation are beyond awesome. Besides food, he shares bits of her personal life and Q&A videos to connect with his followers.

Instagram followers: 324k

Noha Kitshe

Her kitchen is exquisite, her cooking is divine, and her skills are unparalleled. Noha Emad is a passionate food blogger who loves to cook and share recipes with her followers. Her untraditional recipes, top-notch presentation, and simplicity are what make her an amazing, must-follow food blogger.

Instagram followers: 289k

Amr Helmy

A certified chef with his own show on Fatafeet, a popular TV food channel in Egypt, and a holder of a Master Degree in Food Innovation, Amr Helmy will dazzle you with his spectacular recipes. Follow him to learn creative food recipes that are usually inspired by Italian cuisine since he studied there.

Instagram followers: 203k

Ramy Soliman

Ramy’s goal is to make you drool over food and we assure you that you very much will once you follow his page. Ramy Soliman is a full-time foodie, meaning that he spends long hours presenting, reviewing, and cooking heavenly recipes. From savory to sweet, you will find everything you’re looking for on his Instagram page, “Food with Soli.”

Instagram followers: 193k

Salma Saleh

She probably looks familiar because she was a participant in the well-known TV program Top Chef on MBC. Salma Saleh is a creative, certified chef and recipes’ developer who caught people’s attention with her talent. You’ll be extremely pleased if you like oriental food as she loves to get creative when cooking it. The twist she adds to her recipes makes her the excellent chef that she is.

Instagram followers: 171k

Cairo Foodie Couple

You’ve got to love The Terzibashians for their adventurous content. Not only do this couple present finger-licking-good food reviews, but they also post lifestyle hacks and travel vlogs that satisfy the foodie travel avid. Shahan and Melisse Terzibashian have their own TV show called “Cairo Foodie Couple” that documents their culinary adventures along with their inspiring relationship. It is broadcast on Fatafeet.

Instagram followers: 167k

Kitchen Keys

Sara El Refaie, the creator of Kitchen Keys, is all about comfort food. Her simple explanations and great recipes make her a special food blogger. From Asian and Indian recipes to oriental Egyptian food, you will find everything you need on her Instagram account.

Instagram followers: 130k

Foodista Egypt

With their slogan “All for the Love of Food,” they’ve already captured our hearts. For the love of food, we like to see high-quality photography, pleasant food presentation, honest reviews, and exceptional recipes. Well, you get to see this and more on this page that was created by the sisters, Aya and Alaa El Garhy.

Instagram followers: 120k

Omar’s Food

If you’re looking for easy recipes and appetizing breakfast ideas that satisfy your cravings and suit your budget, you need to follow Omar’s Food page. Omar cooks, reviews restaurants, and offers his followers plenty of discounts to enjoy their favorite meals at great restaurants. The food presentation on this page is spectacular, making you want to gobble your screen!

Instagram followers: 107k


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