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Five Egyptian International Cuisines in Egypt!

Nada Tarek - May 2021

Egypt is always known for its great food that no other country can compete with.

Koshary, Feter Meshaltet, Molokheya, Foul & Falafel and many more dishes are always available in every Egyptian home and every diner table. 


But with the changes of everything around us and globalization… Is Egyptian Cuisine the only one available for Egyptians?


The answer is NO!!

Many more cuisines interfered in our culture and became a normal cuisine available in the Egyptian markets, menus, homes and restaurants.


Here are Five International Cuisines in Egypt that became traditional ones



1- Italian

We all eat PASTAS AND PIZZAS with all their kinds and types but we never focused on the fact that they are originally Italian food.


2- Chinese

I assure you that you tried cooking sweet and sour chicken at home, right?

This is not Egyptian, this is Chinese!


3- Lebanese

At the beginning of the article I mentioned Molokheya as an Egyptian food but it’s not, IT IS LEBANESE!

Also, the mix grill is a lebanese dish.


4- Syrian

Shawarma sandwiches are the best and fastest take away food that any Egyptian can take but It’s a Syrian dish not Egyptian.


5- Indian 

Every Egyptian mother uses spices for the food’s taste and smell but all these spices are Indian origins like Cardamom, Clove, Black pepper, Cumin, Turmeric.

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