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Did you know that about khoshaf?

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

In Ramadan, we always care about what we would eat every day after a long day of fasting. Dining tables became full of many food plates, but have you ever thought about the history of each of these plates?


Khoshaf is one of these plates, it’s a famous dish in Ramadan. Some people eat it as an appetizer before the main dish, and the others eat it after iftar as a desert because it’s only a habit.

However, none of them know about the history of khoshaf and it’s importance.


The history behind Khoshaf



The khoshaf is an Arabic famous food related to Ramadan. Some people say that the word khoshaf goes back to turkish origins and it means soaked dates and some others say that it’s originally Persian and it's called “Khosh ab” which means juice. 


The Khoshaf was introduced in Egypt in the era of Fatimids, where Egyptians used to buy the Yamish (dry fruits) and put it together with Kamar ElDin Juice to drink it after fasting.


The components of Khoshaf



The Khoshaf is made out of dry fruits: Meshmesheya, Balah, Arasya, Tin, Zebib and goz hend mixed together with water and sugar or Kamar Eldin juice.



You also can add some almonds and cajun that give more nutritional value to the plate.


The nutrition importance of khoshaf



The khoshaf has a big nutritional value as it contains dates that quenches thirst, in addition to dry fruits which contains a great amount of sugar and vitamins that the bodya needs after a long day of fasting to regain it’s energy.


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