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Fat Fofas: Not your Typical Food Bloggers!

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

Two little girls met on their first day of school. They played together and they never imagined this would turn into an interesting story.

19 years later, Farida and Farida are now becoming the successful Fat Fofas, known all over Egypt by their Food Review accounts on social media. 


“It’s all about being best friends for 19 years, since school till university. Ending up being partners,” said Fat Fofas.



This is briefly the story of the founders of the Facebook and Instagram Food Review accounts Fat Fofas: Farida Naim, Associate Accounting at Orange and Farida Baky, Co-founder of Baky’s Fashion Hub. It started by being best friends and reaching a point of achieving together their passion. 


“Both of us enjoyed eating together and we had lots of photos so we thought of sharing this with people who had the same passion for food and excitement of trying hidden gems and new places,” said Fat Fofas.

The two girls started this project in June 2019 with the motive of sharing their food passion with “All the people who LOVE eating and enjoy trying new food at new places.”


They kept working on themselves by taking photos, editing them, doing videos and starting watching different videos to take new ideas from different places. 


Fat Fofas never imagined this would turn out to be a huge success after a very short period of time.


“We got our first invitation only after 6 months from the launch of our page. At this moment, we felt that we were so ready for a new beginning together and we felt very excited going to our first event. We met some of the biggest foodies of Egypt at this event. We even took some of our friends in order to share our happiness with them,” said Fat Fofas.


Moreover, they were invited to one of the biggest hotels in Cairo, JW Marriot, twice a year to attend their events and review their food.


Faridas were really happy with the success they made as many restaurants and places offering food invited them to their event, but this never prevented Fat Fofas from the fear of being well known in a field that has already its people, or the challenge of managing their time as they had other commitments. 


“The organization of our events and time spent in our studies was the hardest. Sometimes we couldn’t manage to go together and one fofa had to appear alone while the other was busy doing something else. We are still facing this after graduating and starting with our careers.” said Fat Fofas.


However, from their beginning they received a lot of motivation from all the people around them, family, friends and followers.


“What made us motivated the most was the comments and messages we received from our followers saying how much they love our page and that they were really trying all of our recommendations,” said Fat Fofas.


They also mentioned that their family is the main support to them as they were sharing their page with everyone they know, helping them in creating the logo and they even started taking pictures of food and sending them to post on their account.



Fat Fofas told us that they aim for more as they want to get more followers and be known all over Egypt as a short term goal, but their long term goal was bigger that: “to be known around the world and to be invited out of Egypt to try all of the new food and opening our own place one day.”


Farida and Farida advise anyone who has a startup idea to “just start with it, and you will, definitely, learn a lot during the process, especially if you are sharing all of these moments with a friend. And you don’t have to know everything from the beginning. You will learn new things every single day.”

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