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The Chocolate Day: 7 Chocolate Flavours You Didn't Know Existed

Hebatallah Mohamed - Jul 2020

It is a day where we all get to celebrate our love for chocolate. Chocolate has a significant magic that makes us happy just by eating it. Because a stress free mind always means chocolate and more chocolate! 7 July may seem like any normal day but it is the world Chocolate Day.

We are all used to seeing chocolate with hazelnuts, almonds, caramel, peanut butter, or even oranges; but there are other flavours that you probably didn't know existed.


Bacon Chocolate

Although it may sound weird to have such a combo but the ​saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of a chocolate is a match truly made in heaven. Both ingredients make this perfect balance for people who love mixing savoury with sweet!


Cheese Chocolate

Talking about mixing savoury with sweet, what is better than cheese and chocolate? I heard many people who would mix Nutella with cottage cheese. Weird! But lovely. Also many chocolate brands started adopting this idea with Gouda cheese and milk chocolate to give the chocolate extra smokiness.


Mushroom Chocolate

Before thinking this is a disgusting combo just know that cacao and mushrooms were always used together in ancient healing traditions. It is true that we cannot imagine the taste of such a combo but it is also true that this chocolate flavour turns out to be very famous on the internet that there are even different recipes online to do it at home.


Ginger Chocolate

Why would anyone think about combining chocolate with ginger? Believe it or not the spiciness and bitterness taste of the ginger with the creamy texture of the milk chocolate makes the game even better! Ginger is known to be magical for a sore throat; I guess that is not a problem now!


Green tea White Chocolate

This chocolate flavour is most known in Japan as it is produced from a green tea matcha powder which is very famous for Japanese people. Although many may find it a very weird flavour; matcha is a healthy ingredient full of nutrients that made many people welcome it in their diets without feeling guilty for enjoying chocolate.


Sweet Potato Chocolate

Sweet potatoes have been used for years to make healthy desserts such as chocolate cakes, brownies, and even cookies; now it has found its way into being a vegan chocolate. Kitkat is one of the very famous companies who produced this flavour and it has been loved by many people especially in Japan. It is no wonder that sweet potatoes are known to be very healthy and full of vitamins but all these benefits with a chocolate is a dream come true.


Wasabi Chocolate

Wasabi is usually known for its very spicy flavour that many people avoid eating when it comes to sushi. Then how about having it with chocolate? The creaminess and sweet taste of chocolate creates this great balance of covering the very spicy flavour of the wasabi leaving you with just a good sting of spice that you will addict!

Don’t forget to enjoy a bar of chocolate today, it is guilt free!

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