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Start Baking Something For Eid

Rana Ragab - May 2020

If you ask your grandmothers about what Eid Al-Fitr involved back in the days, the first thing they’d probably remember is gatherings with their relatives, friends and neighbours to bake. It was and still remains one of the main traditions to prepare Kahk, biscuits and cookies, although today we find it easier to buy everything from the bakery. Just a few days before the first morning of Eid, the ladies would get together and happily make those delicious sweets for their children to enjoy. 


Since this Eid is slightly different and will be spent in quarantine, use it as a good chance to explore your baking abilities and have some fun with the kids at home. Introducing them to a long held Eid Al-Fitr practice, which will excite them and teach them something valuable. Many recipes can be found online or ask your grandma, mother or aunt for some of their old written recipes. 


Here are the most common Eid sweets to bake:



The main Eid dessert, those cookies are topped with icing sugar and melt in the mouth with every bite. They come with a variety of fillings, including nuts, dates and malban or can be served simple and plain. 


Those cookies are similar to shortbread, really tasty and super delicate in texture. They come in plain, jam or chocolate flavour and all taste just as good. 


Just perfect with a cup of milk tea or coffee, those traditional biscuits can be plain or with a twist of orange or cinnamon taste. Very satisfying and delicious, both adults and children enjoy it. 


A date filled cookie, sometimes they can have walnuts or pistachios instead. Also very delicate and super delicious along with a cup of tea. Those are most commonly baked in Middle Eastern regions. 

Petit four

This is an umbrella term for a range of butter cookies decorated with different toppings. Stuffed with jam or simply plain and dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, they are fun to eat and absolutely beautiful. 


The softest, richest in ghee and the fairest taste of sweetness. Ghorayeba is basically a bite sized cookie without the regular crunch, it’s super delicate and even more satisfying. 

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