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8 Authentic And Purely Oriental Egyptian Food Choices

Rana Ragab - May 2020

The delicious and authentic food found in Egypt is just one of many reasons why you should visit the country. The traditional and unique cuisine will keep you coming back for more, with recognition to the way food is prepared with love and served with all generosity. Egyptians use a variety of ingredients, additional herbs and spices which are an essential part, resulting in such exceptional taste.


Here are some food items purely made in Egypt, those in which locals grew up eating the most and all visitors should certainly try out. 



Foul & Ta’meya 

Many would assume that this is only a starter or an everyday kind of breakfast but Egyptians actually consume it whenever. In fact, some people live on it because it’s an affordable dish and very tasty. Basically Foul is the Arabic word for cooked fava beans and Ta’meya is another word for Falafel. Egyptians usually eat these two along with some eggs, cheese, pickles and some warm baladi bread. 

Feteer Meshaltet

Simply put, it’s layers of pastry and ghee that make up Feteer Meshaltet. It is guaranteed that you’ll enjoy it whether sweet or savory, for breakfast or tea. Feteer is a type of food that you crave from time to time but needs to be consumed in moderation because it’s quite dense, although very yummy!


Kebda Eskandarni 

Meat lovers where you at? This is a love story for those who like meat and are fine with eating liver. The reason why Kebda Eskandarani is irresistible is due to the way it slowly cooks in a number of spices, eventually becoming full of flavour and perfect for quick sandwiches. 



A street kind of food, a weird combination of rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas and some fried onions topped with salsa and some chilli and vinegar. A plate of Koshari is truly pleasurable, the interesting mixture is one that you’ll frequently crave after the first attempt. 


This one is a very old dish that’s often seen in events and celebrations like Eid Al-Adha, weddings and new born parties. It has a very unique smell and has a satisfying taste that almost all Egyptian admire. A plate of Fattah consists of bread, rice, meat, red sauce and a strong taste of vinegar. 



The name may sound funny but Mashi is simply vegetables stuffed with a special kind of rice. Vegetarians in particular admire this Egyptian creation, as it comes in a variety of options including stuffed Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Cabbage and Vine leaves.  


A purely Egyptian dish that consists of leafy greens cooked in either meat, chicken or seafood broth and the end result heavily relies  on the right touch of coriander and garlic. This soup like invention is often consumed with baladi bread, white rice or simply on it’s own. You can always smell Molokhia miles away and it’s truly breath-taking and yummy.



Another awesome choice is of course Hawawshi, a simple dish that includes some spiced beef spread into baladi bread and left to cook to crisp in the oven or gently fried in a pan. The outcome is unexplainable, beyond delicious and you’d need to control your intake because indeed, it’s hard to withstand.


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