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Arab Food Bloggers On The Rise

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Whether you enjoy being in the kitchen or not, these food bloggers will definitely excite you one way or another. Middle Eastern foodies have always had their unique taste, superb ingredients and a strong passion to create. 


With many cooks and influencers out there and a major shift to online platforms, many have taken the chance to become successful food bloggers. Thus, here are the top 5 Arab food bloggers on the rise that will truly make you crave and admire their wonderful creations.


Food with Soli; @ramysoli

An Egyptian food master who uses common ingredients to make uncommon/untraditional dishes. Ramy is an architect to begin with who decided to take a different path given to promote his love for food. Ramy admits that he aims to make people drool.


Joumana Accad; @tasteofbeirut

A food developer, stylist, photographer and blogger who brings Lebanese cuisine into the spotlight. Constantly posting awesome dishes made of the finest ingredients from Lebanon origin. Joumana continues to showcase Lebanese cultural food with pride, and we all know that their food is truly delicious. 



Sarah El Refaie; @kitchenkeys

A talented Egyptian food blogger who knows all the tactics and key kitchen skills, the food variety she offers is full of flavour and created in a way that excites taste buds. The recipes are simplified, easy to understand and full of techniques that enhance cooking abilities. 



Dalia Soubra; @daliaskitchen

A food entrepreneur, author and presenter located in Dubai, Dalia is Syria-German and very passionate about what she does. She is someone who balances well between work, travel and parenting. Striving for successful, Dalia contributes to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and is currently the food editor, appearing on TV very often. 



Salima; @salimaskitchen 

A very friendly and healthy food blogger, photographer and recipe developer who brings Moroccan spices into organic dishes. Salima actively posts on Instagram interesting and mouth-watering creations with simple recipes to follow. 

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