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The Best Middle Eastern Ramadan Sweets

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Ramadan’s blessings are too many to count because it’s a holy month full of thanksgiving, togetherness and peaceful moments. Whether it’s the act of fasting, praying, gathering, eating or drinking, they are all wonderful blessings. 


On a side note, we cannot forget the delicious desserts that satisfy our cravings, all the different kinds of sweets served with love after Iftar. Certainly, Ramadan excites our taste buds and most of us end up with some extra pounds, but everything is just so irresistible! 


Aside from the essential dates and Turkish delight, here are some of the most admired Ramadan desserts made in Middle Eastern regions.



This one is my personal favourites, a combination of crunchy and soft with a special kind of sweetness. Kunafa is very common in Ramadan, it can be filled with cheese (Nabulsi), nuts, cream, dates or even topped with Nutella. In all it’s forms, it’s amazing! 

Om Ali 

This is the Egyptian masterpiece that begins with a story back in the days of Shagaret El Dorr, Ezz El Din Aybak and the lady herself, Om Ali. It’s a delicious creation, served warm and often topped with nuts! 


An outstanding Ramadan bowl which consists of mixed dried fruits placed in apricot juice. It’s stored in the refrigerator and found in many Egyptian houses during the holy month. Something sweet and light to enjoy! 


Much similar to dumplings, it’s all about dough stuffed with nuts or unsweetened cheese. It’s almost exclusively eaten in Ramadan as a fried or baked dessert, drizzled with some honey for a sweet finish! 


The name itself comes from Turkish origin, however it is made in several countries because everyone totally loves it. It mainly consists of crispy pastry, mixed nuts and syrup which makes up this oriental creation! 


Another pure Egyptian dessert, also served in Syria and Turkey. It relies on semolina and then sweetened with syrup, and finally topped with almonds and/or hazelnuts or heavy cream. Nothing beats a slice of Basbousa after Iftar! 


Eat one and you’ll end up eating ten! A zalabya is like a small, round fried piece of dough that bursts with satisfying sweetness. Generally topped with honey or powdered sugar, but chocolate Zalabya is incredible too!

Rice Pudding

Also known as roz-bel-laban in Arabic, a super creamy and simple to make dessert. It is a good option for Suhour or just after Iftar, given that it is easy to digest and has a cooling effect when served cold. Enjoy eating it with nuts, cinnamon and even ice-cream for a dreamlike sensation!

Halawet El Jibn 

A delicious dish coming from Lebanon and Syria. It is basically a thin layer of pastry stuffed with cream, custard or cheese then rolled together. With hint of rose water and a sprinkle of pistachios, you end up with an overall great combination! 

Qamar El Din 

You can eat it, you can drink it but you can’t have enough of it! For those who like a mix of sweet and sour, this is the right dessert for you, it’s all about apricots made into pudding or juice. It’s a light and refreshing snack that will give you an energy boost before and after fasting!

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