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5 Amazing Recipes To Bake

Rana Ragab - Apr 2020

Without a doubt baking produces happiness, it may get messy in the kitchen but it’s super fun and the end results are irresistible. All you need is some energy, the right ingredients and baking tools then you’re ready to get something awesome cooking. 


If you have kids, getting them involved in baking recipes is a great idea, they can help do the simple stuff like stirring the batter and decorating. It can be a family activity where throwing flour, licking spoons and having a laugh takes over boredom, everyone can also take part in cleaning up afterwards. It’s all worth it as it is enjoyable, smells really good and tastes even better. 


Here are 5 easy baking recipes:


1. Chocolate Brownies 

If you’re looking for something chocolatey, fudgy and  super quick then this recipe is the one to go for. It consists of just three ingredients that will create an incredible bunch of brownies for you. 



2. Choc Chips Cookies

Don’t we all enjoy a few cookies besides a warm cup of tea or coffee? These chewy and homemade cookies will make you fall in love with baking, and this recipe will become your all time favourite once you try it out! 



3. Vanilla Cupcakes

Hopefully you don’t regret it later because these fluffy cupcakes are just irresistible and will keep you wanting more. Make little cute cupcakes with your little ones, add some frosting and sprinkles for decoration.  



4. Cinnamon Rolls 

Where are the Cinnabon lovers? Here is an awesome recipe that will make your neighbours knock at your door once they smell the delicious rolls baking. Once you master the dough, you’ll come up with some incredible Cinnabon. 



5. Jam Ball Donuts

Donuts donuts donuts, not just any donuts but heart-warming jam filled ones. Have fun baking then and more fun eating them, it’s best to eat them warmed up. 


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