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Magical Food That Can Boost Your Immune System

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

It’s about time to pay attention to our bodies and maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as we fight coronavirus and all other viruses that come our way. It’s very important to watch what we’re consuming, ensure that it’s beneficial for us, and to aim to strengthen our immunity in order to fight back and survive during this time.


 Having a healthy body allows a person to overcome many infections and illnesses that might in reverse tackle somebody else with a lower immunity and weaker body system. This is an important factor, given that almost everyone’s stress and anxiety levels are very high right now. This drags our immunity down and we must pull it back up by eating the right food and keeping calm as much as possible.


There are some essential practices such as getting enough sleep, quitting smoking habits, exercising, maintaining positive hygiene and taking dietary supplements that can aid in positive health and wellbeing. However, we must also get our nutrition from natural food and take advantage of the vitamins and benefits in them, as it can make a significant difference when it comes to fighting off harmful viruses and infections. 



Below is a list of some highly recommended sources that can assist in boosting your immune system.


  • Garlic - It helps regulate blood pressure and keeps your arteries in a good condition. 


  • Almonds - They are known to be high in vitamin E, which is essential for a strong immunity and key to fighting and preventing colds. 


  • Ginger - It helps cure a sore throat, chronic pain and nausea. It has anti- inflammatory properties and can regulate cholesterol levels.  


  • Kiwi - Rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, foliate and potassium. Kiwis work on white blood cell production which fight infections, and therefore enable your body to function appropriately. 


  • Sunflower seeds - A great source of vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium and phosphorus. It is full of antioxidants that help maintain a clean and strong immune system. 


  • Green tea - A very good source of antioxidants and amino acid, it helps increase germ fighting properties in the T-cells and therefore enhances immunity.


  • Honey - It has antioxidants and antibacterial qualities, it also aids in eliminating free radicals in the body. Honey improves the digestive system and immunity overall and should be consumed on daily basis. 


  • Citrus fruits - This includes lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines. Vitamin C works on building your immune system and increases white blood cell count to fight infections, these fruits taste delicious and should be consumed daily because your body doesn’t store vitamin C. 

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