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5 Streetwear Brands Your Wardrobe Deserves

B&W - Dec 2020

Craze is, not in the air, but rather what you wear! The startup fashion scene has never been on fire like now in Egypt; mixing between the sigh for uniqueness and casual wearing, these brands have paved the way to street style to take Egypt by storm. What are these brands? Here you go!



Brought up by Alia Fahmy and Ahmed Gamal in the early 2020. LGND designs depict the eternal life of myths, and legendary characters. Not only their premium quality makes them stand out, but also what they are trying to send through their designs. 
“Wear a LGND, be a LGND” is not just a slogan one reads, and feels while slipping themself into their designs, but also up their sleeves. 


A unisex brand is not that much of a creative idea in Egypt; but definitely Dina Tarek and Tamara Sherif broke this saga! Aiming for delivering high quality essentials at a reasonable price, they definitely know how to combine the two wearying dilemmas of today’s generation.


Designs that have a back story? Not just randomly designing the brand? Yes! That’s what the scene wants to establish within the Egyptian streetwear; and KAY FASHION definitely knew how to deliver it! A Canadian-Egyptian company that was founded in 2019, paved its ways into, not just the Egyptian startup scene, but also the international one, and knew how to leave its fingerprints. Not only a back story design, but also a high quality one; your wardrobe should include their pieces! 


4- KAOS 
Chris Ehab and Nadim Iskander didn’t only want to have a startup fashion brand, but also a brand whose artwork expresses the society we live in. Founded in summer 2020, each design is meant for minds of those who can understand the meaning behind it. ‘KAOTIC’, fashionable, and mind-read designs; KAOS’s designs make one look chic and genuine. Their designs also express the society we live in. 


5- FIF 
The founders, Fouad Harraz and Mohamed Bahabesh  aim to deliver high quality designs to their buyers, also some of FIF's designs are inspired by the magnificent history of Ancient Egypt. They are going over the top not only by their designs, but also by their smart packaging. 
By 2022, they are planning to take the brand to the next level by letting Europe witness how their designs stand out. 


Such startups are the reason behind reviving the streetwear scene in Egypt. Their goal of high quality designs with the sense of uniqueness to their customers are what makes them special, what makes them artistically genuine. Your wardrobe would definitely gain a piece of art with the designs they deliver.

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