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The One One Questions: An Insight on Ingy Elengbawy’s Styling Career

B&W - Oct 2020

Egyptian Personal and celebrity stylist and shopper, Ingy Elengbawy is the new guest of our series, “The One One Questions''. Elengbawy is a certified stylist from Dubai Fashion Institute (FAD) , Style school and London school as she has almost half a million followers on her instagram account. She captured young girls’ hearts by her unique fashion style in addition to her styling tips and tricks. With the variation in style and trends that we witness everyday , it's no secret that young girls get a bit confused and seek out advice from stylists to help them choose and style outfits that match their body shape and skin color. Hence, we are thrilled to feature her in our o ne-one questions series to spell the tea and let us know more about styling secrets and why she chose this industry.


Why did you choose this career path?

Actually, It all started when I was a kid as I loved Dolls in general , but Barbie used to have a very special place in my heart. I remember that I used to wait patiently to get a new doll just to take her clothes off in order to play mix and match as this was my favorite part . So, yeah I grew up like this exchanging Barbie with my family, friends and friends of other friends. I always believed that we are all not similar hence, we need to dress in the way that suits our bodies and in order to accomplish this, you have to understand your body type and your personal style. So, this is basically how I turned my childhood play into a real job as now I am a certified stylist and a personal shopper.


How do you determine a client's personal style?

There are so many ways to do so and as I mentioned we are not all the same. For example, by determining if either the client is introvert or extrovert, which can be depicted from her voice and the way she talks. From this point we can categorize her personal style into classic, boohoo, dramatic, glam romantic , preppy, creative ( tendy ) or sexy, minimalist and emo. You can also find trendy boohoo, as we all have different personal styles and I would love to talk about each of them, but let’s now focus on determining a client’s personal style. Other ways to do so, is by the clothes they wear for example, the clothing's material, pattern, trendy or not, and if they mix and match their outfit. I can also judge by the color of clothes they wear, if they prefer soft or dark colors in addition to the amount of makeup they wear and their accessories.


What's the most challenging thing about styling?

To satisfy your clients and give them exactly what they want in a way that suits their body shape, personality, and lifestyle.


What would you do if a client insisted on purchasing an ill-fitting item?

First of all, I wouldn't mention that this item isn’t fitted. What I would do is that I Will let her try other items that will suit her body more than her choice and when she sees the difference, I believe that she will agree with my choice. However, if she insisted I will try to convince her to style it in a different way and if she didn’t change her mind, then I will take a picture of her. When she sees her picture, this is where she will recognize that the outfit doesn’t match her. This trick always helps!


Who is your biggest inspiration in the Fashion Industry? / Top 5 designers

- Chiara Ferragni
- Louis Vuitton
- Yves Saint Laurent/ YSL
- Channel
- Stella Mccartney


Which current trends do you incorporate in your clothing selections?

I always pick what suits my body shape. So, my everyday thing has become padded shirts as they are my new obsession. In addition to oversized trench coats and sets in general.


What is the one thing that you think people always mistake when they are styling their outfits?

What to wear on different ocassions. A lot of us get confused when it comes to smart casual , or cocktail and sometimes when they say it’s a formal event. I also see that a lot of us don’t know their body shape and their skin undertone.


When we say a perfect "black and white" outfit what comes to your mind?

Definitely, a black tuxedo and a white cropped top, maybe that's because I love blazer and I hate black dresses. They are also the easiest choice when you don’t know what to wear.


A fashion trend that never gets old for you?

Sneakers! I always and will always wear sneakers no matter what.


Name one celebrity "past or present" you would like to style him/her? and why?

In the past, I would like to style Mervat Amin, as she always looks beautiful, chic and elegant.
Now I am dying to style Ruby, Yousra, Laila alwy, Mena Shalaby, and Asma abou yazid.


If you didn't work in the fashion industry, what type of career would you approach?

I would be a tv representer, cause I talk too much and I love asking people questions.

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