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10 Egyptian Footwear Brands That Will Elevate Your Summer Look

Sara Yasser - Aug 2020

Looking for the perfect slippers that will fit your style and your personality is not easy, especially that all women want to be comfortable in their summer outfits. Therefore, we chose for you 10 Egyptian brands that have the most stylish, fashionable, trendy and most importantly comfy slippers that will help you complete your summary looking and look like a fashionista. Hurry up and scroll down to know more about each brand and their unique styles.


1- Palma

@getpalma’s designs are mainly inspired by Nubian designs and colors as well as nomad artisans originating from Sinai and Aswan. “We blend our colorful patterns with international fashion trends to mold our unique design identity.” -Palma

 If you are looking for a simple but stylish look then this is the place for you. Check the link below for more information www.getpalma.com


2- Mii

@mii_accessories is known for their amazing leather slippers and creative designs.

Check the link below for more information shopmii.co/product-category/footwear/


3- Elia

@elia_eg slippers aim to design timeless footwear for a modern era.They also use recycled material as they aim to “raise consumers’ awareness to conserve natural resources and resort to recycling strategies whenever possible.”-Elia

Check the link below for more information www.elia-designs.com


4- Zhivago

@shopzhivago’s designs will give you the summary look you are looking for as the aim “ to manufacture trendy and comfortable footwear with international quality standards.” -Zhivago

Check the link below for more information www.shopzhivago.com


5- Pavo

@bypavo’s unique designs are recognized everywhere as their trendy look can't be missed! “Pavo is all about mixing the subtle and iridescent fashion trends to create innovative bags, luggage and Footwear to meet the audience needs” -Pavo

Check the link below for more information www.bypavo.com/collections/footwear


6- Shoezed

@shoezed.eg aims to design “women footwear using high-quality genuine leather/ premium materials that come at affordable prices that can be chosen by many customers trying to prove and improve the quality of Egyptian made products changing its reputation and perception.”-Shoezed

Check the link below for more information www.zedstore.net


7- Ramla

@ramla_eg is one of the most unique stores in Egypt as they produce handmade Egyptian footwear. “Each collection is designed for your everyday life characterized by a unique design and material. -Ramla

Check the link below for more information www.ramlastore.com


8- Zee

@Zee_officialeg can provide you with a simple and stylish look with their extraordinary designs. “We create the soles with your body alignment in mind. When your feet’s anatomy is supported and grounded in every step, you will feel the positive effect throughout your body. This alignment will release the stress from your back, hips, knees and legs and in this comfort you will find your freedom. At Zee we love art, fashion and color. Our designs are inspired by fashionable pallets of the season and styles that will make your feet look and feel fantastic.“ -Zee

Check the link below for more information www.zee-official.com/en/default.aspx


9- Fabs

@fabsegypt designs are focused on empowering Egyptian women.“Every piece has been crafted to give you comfortable and happy feet in style to dress them up or down, anytime of day throughout the seasons.” - Fabs

Check the link below for more information www.fabsegypt.com/collections/frontpage


10- Emeli

@emeliegypt is one of the oldest footwear shops in Egypt, their products are known for their good quality and affordable price. They also have an on ground store in Maadi so,if you are one of those who have to see and try the product before buying it then this is the place for you. “ Each product from our fine collection is carefully handcrafted in Egypt, and uses only top-grain Egyptian leather that promises beauty, strength, and originality. -Emeli

Check the link below for more information www.emeliegypt.com

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